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A couple has been charged with allegedly importing 255 grams of heroin by inserting it into their bodies, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have said.

The Australian Border Force examined the pair’s luggage and mobile phones after they arrived at Perth Airport on February 14 on an international flight from Asia, allegedly finding photos of concealed drugs on their phones.

The AFP conducted initial scans and then transported the pair to hospital for further testing, revealing what appeared to be illegal drugs inserted inside each of their colons.

A couple have been charged with allegedly importing 255 grams of heroin by inserting it into their bodies. (AFP)

AFP Acting Commander Peter Hatch said anyone trying to smuggle drugs internally was risking both jail time and serious injuries, and also had a message for drug users.

“It is both dangerous and extremely stupid to think this is some kind of failsafe method to conceal illicit drugs,” Hatch said.

“Should you ever consider using illegal substances, just think about where they potentially come from.

“In this situation, the drugs sat in the colon of an alleged internal courier before they would have been sold and used.

“I also want to thank our officers who had the unenviable task of monitoring the pair as the pellets were excreted and had to collect those packages.”

The total amount of drugs is worth $127,000 in street value. (AFP)

The man, 48, excreted six pellets, allegedly containing 115.4g of heroin.

The woman, 48, excreted seven pellets, allegedly containing 139.7g of heroin.

The total amount of drugs is worth $127,000 in street value.

Both the man and woman were charged with importing a marketable quantity of a border-controlled drug.

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