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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is facing a lawsuit related to an “injurious wedgie” that court documents allege resulted from riding a 65-metre water slide in the resort’s Typhoon Lagoon water park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, US.

The suit pertains to an incident that took place on October 14, 2019, on the Humunga Kowabunga water slide during a two-week visit to Walt Disney World by plaintiffs Emma and Edward McGuinness and their family. The family visited the resort in part to celebrate Emma McGuinness’ 30th birthday.

The slide, which Disney bills on its website as a “near-vertical, five-storey drop – in the dark,” descends 214 feet (65.2m) and plunges riders into a pool of water to end the ride.

Disney is being sued after a woman was injured following a ride on a 65-metre waterslide.
Disney is being sued after a woman was injured following a ride on a 65-metre waterslide. (Abigail Nilsson/Disney)

The suit, which was filed last week in the Circuit Court for Orange County, Florida, alleges that Disney knew, or should have known, of the risk of painful “wedgies,” particularly for women.

“Specifically, when a rider of The Slide reached the bottom of the ride and traveled into the pool of water designed to stop further travel, the force of the water can push loose garments into a person’s anatomy – an event known as a ‘wedgie,'” the suit says. “Because of a woman’s anatomy, the risk of a painful ‘wedgie’ is more common and more serious than it is for a man.”

The plaintiffs are seeking “damages exceeding US$50,000 (about $78,540), exclusive of interest and costs” for the count of negligence.

CNN has reached out to Walt Disney World Resort for comment.

The Humunga Kowabunga slide.
The Humunga Kowabunga slide. (Walt Disney World)

The suit alleges that Disney “was negligent and breached its duties of reasonable care” in failing to provide protective clothing, such as shorts, for the slide; failing to warn McGuinness and other women of the risks; and other design and safety failures.

The suit says that McGuinness assumed the appropriate position with her ankles crossed, “as instructed,” but she became airborne toward the end of the slide and slammed into the slide “which increased the likelihood of her legs becoming uncrossed or otherwise exposing herself to injury.”

When McGuinness impacted the slide and the water at the bottom her swimsuit was forced between her legs and water was “violently forced inside her.”

She experienced severe internal pain, the suit says, and blood rushed from between her legs. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and was later transported to another hospital to see a specialist for repair of gynecologic injuries. Court documents say that McGuinness suffered “severe and permanent bodily injury” as well as impacts including mental anguish and lost earnings.

In addition to the count of negligence, a second count, “loss of consortium,” relates to Emma McGuinness’ husband, Edward McGuinness.

“As a direct and proximate result of Disney’s negligence as described above, Edward McGuinness has suffered loss of his wife’s care, comfort, consortium, support and services,” the complaint reads.

Emma and Edward McGuinness are suing for compensatory damages and taxable costs and are demanding a jury trial.

CNN has reached out to Wagner, McLaughlin and Whittemore, attorneys for the plaintiffs, for comment.

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