A trainee pilot who maneuvered a crash landing from 1500 feet was almost turned away from hospital as they didn’t believe his survival tale when he drove himself there.

Jake Elven was on his second flying lesson with his instructor near the Oaks airstrip when an engine failure caused the plane to fall out of the sky.

”Last thing I remember is hitting the first tree which hit the back of the plane and flipped it over,” the 27-year-old told 9News from his hospital bed.

Light plane crash at The Oaks, Sydney's South West
Jake Elven filmed himself after the crash. (9News)

“Then went that way for a while and woke up upside down in the bushes.

“Yeah, bit of a rough ride.”

Disoriented and bloodied, he whipped out his phone and started filming the fallout.

”Second flight in a plane and been in better condition,” Elven said in the video.

Light plane crash at The Oaks, Sydney's South West
The light plane plummeted into trees after an engine failure. (9News)

His instructor was driven to hospital by his wife who was waiting at the airstrip, while Elven made his way to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where he’s awaiting surgery.

But it wasn’t a smooth entry, with hospital staff questioning his story.

“Show up here an hour and a half later, no shoes on, blood everywhere, bits falling off and they almost sent me to the psych ward when I told them I just had a plane crash,” he said.

Light plane crash at The Oaks, Sydney's South West
Elven said he is keen to get back up into the air despite the crash. (9News)

“They said ‘mate I don’t think so’ and I said no I’ve got a video I’ll show ya.”

The crash hasn’t deterred him and Elven plans to get back up in the air as soon as he has recovered from his injuries.

Elven was meant to buy a seaplane for his company which is why he had been undergoing lessons.

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