Police apologise for detaining wrong man over alleged sex assaults
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Victoria Police has apologised for arresting and detaining the wrong man over an alleged sexual assault in Melbourne.

Police arrested the 43-year-old man yesterday and charged him with a number of sex and stalking offences that allegedly occurred a day earlier in Melbourne.

But one day after the man was detained, police apologised and said they had the wrong man over the alleged assault.

Victoria Police has apologised for arresting and detaining the wrong man over an alleged sexual assault in Melbourne. (9News)

The man arrested was part of a group of 149 asylum seekers who released from immigration detention following a High Court ruling last year.

Many have convictions for serious offences including murder and sexual assault.

He has been in custody since his arrest.

Victoria Police Commander Mark Galliott today confirmed police would drop sexual assault and stalking charges levelled against the man.

He said investigators discovered further CCTV vision that proved the man was innocent.

“As soon as we became aware, we notified the Richmond man’s legal representation and a process has commenced to release him from custody,” Galliott said.

“On further evidence, it’s clear he’s not the offender and for that we are sincerely sorry that this person has been detained.”

Galliott said based on the information investigators had at the time they “made the right decision”.

“It’s through their diligence that they’ve obtained this further CCTV,” he said.

“Yes, there was an error in arresting and remanding him. As soon as we found out, we rectified and we apologise.”

The error occurred after the man was placed in the vicinity of the alleged assaults, based on CCTV and GPS tracking data.

Galliott said the men were similar in appearance.

The man allegedly responsible for the assaults remains at large.

“We don’t have details on who this new [alleged] offender is,” Galliott said.

”I would say the community is safe because this is an isolated incident when you consider the size of Melbourne and the type of offending that occurred.”

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