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The suspect inside a home near Washington DC that went up in flames as police tried to execute a search warrant has been identified as resident James Yoo, 56, and is presumed to be dead, authorities said.

“Human remains have been located at the scene. The office of the chief medical examiner will work to positively identify the individual and cause and manner of death,” Arlington County police chief Andy Penn Penn said.

Authorities said they are investigating what the cause and origin of the explosion on Monday was.

The huge explosion triggered the evacuation of nearby homes in Arlington, near Washington DC. (Nine)

There is no ongoing threat to the nearby community, the police chief said, adding this will be a thorough and extensive probe and authorities will also look into “concerning social media posts” allegedly made by the suspect.

Yoo listed his address in multiple LinkedIn posts, which are filled with rambling and at times incoherent conspiracy theories against government officials, law enforcement, media outlets and, in one post from Friday, his neighbours who he accused of being spies and collecting his information for unnamed handlers.

The FBI is assisting in the investigation into the explosion and the suspect, said David Sundberg, assistant director in charge of the agency’s Washington field office.

Yoo had previously communicated with the FBI through phone calls, online tips and letters “over a number of years,” Sundberg said.

The suspect inside the home that went up in flames has been identified as resident James Yoo, 56, and is presumed to be dead (AP)

“I would characterise these communications as primarily complaints about alleged frauds he believed were perpetrated against him,” he added. The information the suspect shared and his communications with the agency did not lead the FBI to open any investigations, Sundberg said.

The explosion prompted the evacuation of several nearby houses, officials said.

The blast destroyed the home as law enforcement were trying to make contact with the suspect inside. Authorities believe the man had been firing a flare gun from his home earlier in the day, Arlington County Police Department spokesperson Ashley Savage said.

Officers had responded to reports of shots fired near the home in the 800 block of N. Burlington Street shortly before 5pm on Monday, according to a police statement.

Police were attempting to make contact with the home’s resident when the explosion destroyed the property. (AP)

Police then learned the suspect had discharged the flare gun about 30 to 40 times from his home into the surrounding neighbourhood.

“During the course of the investigation, officers obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s residence and attempted to make contact with the suspect over the telephone and through loudspeakers. The suspect did not respond and remained barricaded inside the residence,” the statement said.

As officers tried to execute the warrant, the suspect fired several rounds, from what is believed to have been a firearm, inside the home. Sometime afterward, around 8.25pm, the home exploded, police said.

Video taken by a witness shows law enforcement vehicles surrounding a multi-storey home when a fiery blast suddenly erupts, sending a plume of flames, embers and smoke into the air as debris rains down into the street.

The FBI has joined the investigation into the deadly house explosion. (AP)

The force of the explosion blew the roof and several walls apart, causing the structure to collapse.

The suspect was inside the home when it exploded, and investigators are not aware of anyone else inside, according to Savage.

Three officers received minor injuries but nobody was hospitalised, police said.

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