A Coles plastic bag on a stick has come to the rescue as concerned locals leapt into action when a koala got too close to a busy Sydney road.

The marsupial was spotted crossing a busy main road at Picnic Point, in Sydney’s south-west, and passersby instantly became concerned about its safety.

The koala climbed up a tree close to Henry Lawson Drive and firefighters couldn’t get to it with a cherry picker.

Resourceful locals used a makeshift contraption to help a koala near a busy main road in Sydney. (Nine)

They then turned to the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service, more commonly known as WIRES.

The animal rescue authority suggested trying to get the koala to come down by spritzing it with some water.

Unfortunately, this did not encourage the koala to budge.

<p>A snake-catcher on the Sunshine Coast has proved his job isn't for the faint of heart by pulling a long red-bellied black snake from inside a bulldozer.</p>
<p>Professional Sunshine Coast snake catcher Mark Neath posted the video to his YouTube account last week showing the determined reptile's attempts to avoid extraction from inside the mammoth machine.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Mr Neath told ninemsn the extraction took more than 40 minutes to complete despite knowing the whereabouts of the snake.</p>
<p>"We knew exactly where the snake was and normally a red belly snake - unless it has been agitated - will sit and stay in the spot," he said.</p>
<p>"It doesn't look like I spent a lot of time. I ducked my head under there and I spent 10 to 15 mins looking before I put the hook in to pull his tail out."</p>
<p>Mr Neath became a snake hander five years ago leaving his 20 year career as a computer programmer. <a href="http://www.markneath.com/">He now runs his own business as a snake catcher and relocator.</a></p>
<p>"A scary and gratifying job but not one for the faint of heart," he said.</p>
<p>Based in Buderim Mr Neath is speaking from bitter experience having spent time in a Gold Coast emergency department after being bitten by a marsh snake.</p>
<p>Click through to see the most heart warming and disturbing animal rescues ever filmed.</p>

Red-bellied black snake rescued from bulldozer

Tree climbers were then called to help the stranded Aussie native but just before they arrived a makeshift contraption did the job.

The resourceful group tied a plastic bag to a stick and gave it a jiggle nearby, prompting the koala to come down.

It is being moved to a safer location.

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