Tripadvisor crowned the best 25 beaches worldwide. One Australian beach made top 10
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Key Points
  • Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards ranked Manly Beach seventh globally, the only Australian beach in the top 25.
  • The reviewers praised Manly Beach for seaside amenities, accessibility, and great shops and dining options.
  • European beaches, led by Portugal’s Praia de Falesia, dominated the top spots.
The Travellers’ Choice Awards by Tripadvisor for 2024 have once again highlighted the most popular travel destinations worldwide.

Sydney’s Manly Beach has secured the seventh position on this esteemed list, making it the only Australian beach to feature in the top 25 best beaches.

These awards are a celebration of the choices and opinions of global travellers, based on their experiences and feedback gathered over a period of 12 months.
Out of their eight million listings, fewer than one per cent achieve this milestone, according to Tripadvisor.
Manly Beach received 7,751 reviews from people praising it for “plenty of shops and restaurants leading down to the seafront”, “a very nice walk on the promenade”, “the crescent moon coastline and the tall pine trees along the beach”, and for being “a great place for kids as there are lots of parks and playgrounds behind the beach”.

Tripadvisor stated that it is wheelchair and stroller accessible and has good gift shops and places to eat.

However, European beaches dominated the top spots, with Portugal’s Praia de Falesia topping the list of best European beaches, followed by Italia’s Spiaggia dei Congili and Spain’s La Concha Beach.
Australia’s famous Bondi Beach didn’t make the cut – a repeat from last year. However, it did rank eighth in the South Pacific for 2019.
In 2023, Manly Beach secured the 13th spot, while Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia came in third on the list.

TripAdvisor also released its Top 10 Beaches in the South Pacific for 2024, with Manly Beach and Cable Beach taking the first and second spots, respectively.

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