Liberal Party MPs have voted to not delay the vote to expel Moira Deeming at a meeting next week.

Victoria‘s Liberal Party convened for a tense party room meeting today to defer the vote indefinitely, but it was defeated 18 votes to 11.
Leader John Pesutto’s motion, which was publicly released this morning, seeks to expel Deeming from the parliamentary party room for organising, promoting and attending an anti-trans rights rally headlined by an activist “known to be publicly associated with far-right extremist groups”.

Should Moira Deeming be expelled from the Liberal party room?

Deeming spoke at the Let Women Speak event held by British anti-transgender activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull outside the Victorian parliament in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday.

A group of neo-Nazis joined the anti-transgender demonstrators and repeatedly performed the Nazi salute.

The rally’s organisers have distanced themselves from the neo-Nazi group.

“I’m concerned about any member of my team having any kind of association with (Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull) and these shared platforms,” Pesutto said after the party meeting.

The motion also says Deeming’s expulsion is being sought because she met with and published a video with Keen-Minshull, former NSW Liberal candidate Katherine Deeves, and activist Angie Jones after the rally.

“Angie Jones on that day posted on Twitter words that, in the mind of any reasonable and lay observer, made association with Nazis including on 4.41pm by posting the words ‘Nazis and women want to get rid of paedo filth. Why don’t you,'” the motion reads in part.

The vote on Deeming’s future will be held at 10am on Monday.

Victorian MP Moira Deeming has vowed to fight Liberal leader John Pesutto’s push to expel her. (Twitter)

Deeming had nothing to say when 9News approached her after she arrived at parliament in the back seat of another MP’s car.

But the Western Metropolitan Region MP vowed to fight the “unjust” push to expel her.

“Let me clear – I have done nothing wrong. Those who organised the Let Women Speak event on the weekend have done nothing wrong,” she said in a written statement yesterday.

“Despite this, a select few members of the Liberal leadership team have condemned me unjustly.”

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