RHOSLC Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City may be one of Bravo’s newest Real Housewives ventures, but it’s slowly becoming a staple series. From the dynamic cast to the attention the show has garnered itself, RHOSLC is shaping up to some of the other long-running, fan favorite series that have come before it.

Though Salt Lake City is only in its third season, it’s clear that there have been some moments from the series that will forever be engraved in our minds. With so many iconic scenes, taglines, and housewives already coming out of RHOSLC, we can’t wait to see what more reality television gold will result from the show. Here are eight of the most memorable moments that have come from RHOSLC so far.

8/8 The Brooks Marks And Jen Shah Situation

Meredith Marks’ early troubles with Jen Shah throughout both Season 1 and 2 of RHOSLC lead back to a very integral part of her life: Her family. We all know how housewives do not appreciate when others talk about their families, and Meredith was no different. After Meredith’s son, Brooks Marks, stated that he was flashed by Jen one day when she visited their home, he explained to his mother that he felt uncomfortable with the two hanging out.

Eventually, Meredith found out that Jen was engaging online with negative tweets about Brooks that even mentioned his sexuality. The whole debacle led to a few heated arguments and some rocky waters between both Meredith and Jen for the duration of the first two seasons of RHOSLC.

7/8 The Allegations That Mary M. Cosby’s Church Was A Cult

During Season 2 of RHOSLC, it was brought to the women’s attention that Mary M. Cosby’s church has been considered a cult. The topic was brought to the conversation via Lisa Barlow’s late friend, Cameron Williams. As an ex-member of Mary’s church, he spoke with Lisa on camera where he stated, “Is it a cult? Yes. Does she call herself ‘God’? Yes,” when referring to his experience with Mary’s church. After that, the women questioned Mary’s church all throughout Season 2.

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6/8 When Jen Shah Splashed Production

Season 1 was a tumultuous time for Jen, and she seemingly took some of her frustrations out on production when she was filming in a bathtub for one scene. After Jen’s husband’s birthday party took a turn for the worse after Whitney Rose brought up some drama with their cast member Mary, she ended up throwing a glass in a heated moment. Heather Gay then tried to help the two ladies reconcile by visiting a hot springs.

Eventually, they got into a screaming match, and Jen took it to another level when she splashes the production team, breaking the fourth wall. They questioned why Jen decided to splash water their way, and Jen stated, “that’s what happens when you f***ing film me in the f***ing bathtub.”

5/8 The Garbage Trash Whore Dinner

Though Season 3 of RHOSLC is still airing, it’s already given us some memorable Real Housewives moments: One being the dinner when the cast took a trip to Arizona. After coming down from Lisa’s Season 2 hot mic moment when she quite literally called Meredith a “garbage trash whore,” Jen decided to poke fun at the situation by hosting a dinner party by the same name. Things took a turn when Whitney started talking with the other women about rumors of infidelity she had heard about Lisa.

Whitney eventually told Lisa what she had heard from the other women in their group, and the night got crazier. Whitney alleged that Heather heard their friend, Angie Harrington, tell them that Lisa gave sexual favors for courtside Jazz tickets. Heather completely denied this, and got incredibly upset with Whitney, pushing her out of her way and telling her that she had “lost” her as a friend.

4/8 Meredith Marks’ Signature ‘I’m Disengaging!’

To know Meredith is to know her signature catchphrase, “I’m disengaging!” Many times throughout the show’s first season, Meredith slipped in this iconic phrase, pronouncing that she was done with whatever drama that she was involved in at that current moment. She has explained that growing up with divorced parents, she’s been caught up in similar situations where she was met with conflict, something that she is often triggered by. Choosing to put herself first, Meredith is known for always “disengaging” when it’s needed, and it all started with the next most memorable moment from RHOSLC

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3/8 When Jen Shah Said That ‘Mary… F****ed Her Grandfather’

At Whitney’s Season 1 roaring 20s party, it was clear that Jen was still dealing with some issues with her fellow housewife, Mary. After a longstanding brawl about Mary telling Jen she smelled like “hospital,” Jen felt some kind of way when Meredith continued to be friends with her. After seeing Meredith sitting with Mary at the party, Jen asked to have a conversation with Meredith, which got ugly pretty quickly.

When Meredith seemingly had enough, she got up to leave Jen with Lisa who was also sitting with the two women. After Meredith “disengaged,” Jen ranted to Lisa about the situation, screaming, “You’re going to go with Mary, who f***ed her grandfather?” This comment left everyone at the party a little uncomfortable, and of course, hurt Mary’s feelings.

2/8 Lisa Barlow’s Hot Mic Moment

As if Season 2 of RHOSLC wasn’t chaotic and drama-filled enough, alas, the group trip to Zion turned out to be another moment that will go down in Real Housewives history. After Meredith stated that she was not responsible for her friend Mary’s behavior (that many were not in favor of), Lisa stormed away at one of their dinners. Then began Lisa’s infamous hot mic moment that cameras didn’t quite get to see, but everyone got to hear. She went off, stating many different things about Meredith and her family. Lisa alleged that her family “poses” and that they couldn’t own a house. She also called Meredith a, “piece of sh** garbage whore” who has “f***ed half of New York.”

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1/8 The Highway To Vail Episode When Jen Shah Was Arrested

There has never been an episode quite like “Highway To Vail” that debuted during Season 2 of RHOSLC. The ladies were gearing up to head to Vail for a girls trip, and they met at the parking lot of Heather’s business, Beauty Lab + Laser. While filming in the van, Jen got a phone call where she said that her husband, Coach Shah, was dealing with internal bleeding, leaving the scene immediately. After that, suddenly and all at once, NYPD federal agents showed up, asking for Jen. WOW.

Scenes cut to Jen’s arrest, and even more heartbreaking footage of the feds showing up to her home and forcing her children out of the home. The women continue on to their trip to Vail, with Lisa calling all of her many lawyers questioning them about the situation, and learning that Jen was charged for fraud. The episode just continues to go on, and one of the craziest moments was when the women arrived at the Vail house to find Meredith unbothered, soaking in a bubble mouth. It’s truly reality TV gold.

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