Adrian Edmonson leaves listeners in 'absolute bits' as he breaks down over Rik Mayall
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Adrian Edmonson, 66, broke down in tears as he reflected on his greatest memories with his late co-star Rik Mayall, during his show on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

The late actor and comedian died aged 56 after an “acute cardiac event” back in 2014, his wife confirmed at the time.

Nine years on from his sudden death, Adrian recalled the fun times with his former sidekick but broke down as he recalled a particular moment after his death.

As he tried to fight back tears, the presenter told listeners: “His mum wrote me a letter, I wrote to her after he died.

“And, she wrote back saying all she could remember was us laughing, she could see us out in the garden on a couple of deck chairs just laughing and laughing and laughing.

“She could never tell what was quite so funny.”

After a few seconds’ pause, he went on to add: “He was funny, he was good fun.”

Adrian’s emotional show sparked a reaction on social media, with many saying they were left in tears over his grief.

Shona Abhyankar wrote: “In absolute bits listening to Adrian Edmonson’s memories of Rik Mayall @BBCRadio4 #DesertIslandDiscs.”

In response, a listener named Sam commented: “Totally agree. Hearing him talking about Mayall’s death is heartbreaking.”

Rich Johnston added: “Listening to Adrian Edmonson talk about the death of Rik Mayall on BBC Radio 4. I’m not crying, you’re crying.”

MySpoon1984 wrote: “Not a huge fan of Desert Island Discs but as it was Adrian Edmonson I gave it a listen. He cried talking about Rik. I also cried a little.”

Sarah Greene typed: “In a heap of tears and joy having just heard @AdrianEdmondson’s Desert Island Discs… do yourself a big Friday favour, go to Sounds and have a listen.”

Adrian first met Rik when they studied drama at Manchester University and they went on to become an iconic double on shows such as The Young Ones and Bottom.

The pair initially went their separate ways back in 2003 when Adrian believed they had completed their greatest work.

He explained: “I thought we’d gone over the top of the mountain. It would become increasingly sadder, and not in a funny way.”

But with Rik wanting to carry on, he put forward the idea of them teaming up again.

Adrian recalled: “I hit upon the idea: ‘All right, let’s write a couple of episodes of a new series, hand it in, they’ll [the TV commissioners] say ‘No’, and then it’s not my fault anymore.”

To his surprise, the series was commissioned but wasn’t completed.

“I think of the writing room all the time,” he added. “We spent more time in the writing room than anywhere else. And I remember just laughing like drains.”

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