Bartise Bowden breaks down his relationship with his 'baby mama'
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Bartise Bowden is coming clean.

When the reality TV star announced in April that he had a son, many fans questioned when exactly he had the time to conceive his child. After all, he had starred in both “Love Is Blind” Season 3 and “Perfect Match” Season 1, which premiered within six months of each other.

On Monday, he shared the specifics of his new role as a dad, including his relationship with “baby mama” Olivia Gross, on his Talk’R podcast.

“I did ‘Love Is Blind,’ I did ‘Perfect Match,’ I had a son, and the timeline of all that, how it plays out, like on camera, doesn’t make any sense,” Bowden, 27, admitted.

“What actually happened was, I filmed ‘Love Is Blind,’ I actually had a whole relationship between ‘Love Is Blind’ and ‘Perfect Match,’ filmed ‘Perfect Match,’ came back, conceived a son.”

Bartise Bowden and his son
Bartise Bowden says he conceived his son after filming both of the Netflix reality TV shows.
Bartise Bowden
The Netflix star decided to keep the pregnancy under wraps for the sake of his son and “baby mama.”
Getty Images for Netflix

He then explained that he waited to make the announcement until after “Perfect Match” premiered because he didn’t want to put his son — or his “baby mama” — in the spotlight.

“I needed to keep it very private,” the Netflix star said, before noting that “there’s a difference between privacy and secrecy.”

For context, Bowden filmed “Love Is Blind” in June 2021 before it aired on Netflix on October 2022. He went on to do “Perfect Match” in March 2022 before its premiere in February 2023.

Olivia Gross with her son
Although he and Olivia Gross are not together, the pair have a “beautiful” co-parenting relationship.

Although he and Gross, 25, are no longer together, he gushed about their “beautiful” co-parenting relationship.

“I’m so proud of the relationship that we all have, the three of us together, even though we’re not dating, we are friends,” Bartise said. “We are single parenting and co-parenting at the same time.”

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“I hang out with my son alone, I hang out with his mom alone, we’ll hang out with the three of us together, I’ll hang out with her family. We are very involved together and separately, which is beautiful, and I wouldn’t want it any other way given our circumstances.”

Aside from her name, little is known about Gross, who currently resides in Texas and is private on social media.

Bartise Bowden
Bowden is currently dating a new woman.
Bartise Bowden and his son
Bowden announced that he welcomed his first child in April.

However, Bowden admitted that has a new leading lady in his life, but didn’t disclose any details about their budding romance.

While appearing on “LIB,” the senior analyst found love with Nancy Rodriguez, whom he ended up leaving at the altar after admitting he wasn’t physically attracted to her.

Soon after, he went on the “Perfect Match,” but the OnlyFans model left without finding his better half.

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