Ben Affleck Once Bragged About His 'Degree' (Even Though He Didn't Ever Graduate)
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  • Ben Affleck was asked to give the commencement speech at Brown University in 2013, despite not being a graduate of the Ivy League institution.
  • As part of his speaking deal, Affleck was awarded an honorary doctorate from Brown University, which is typically given to individuals who have made an impact on society.
  • Affleck used the opportunity to brag to his friend John Krasinski about receiving the honorary degree in just 45 minutes, showcasing their playful dynamic.

When we hear stories about celebrities joking with one another, it makes them more relatable. In everyday life, we joke with our friends and family and poke fun at them for entertainment healthily and respectably. Ben Affleck is one of those celebrities and human beings who isn’t afraid to participate in a good old-fashioned prank or ribbing of those in his inner circle.

Recently, Ben’s childhood friend and fellow actor Matt Damon shared a story about a comment Ben once made in jest to one of their mutual friends. It turns out Ben bragged about his college degree, but he doesn’t really have one.

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Ben Affleck Was Asked To Speak at Brown

In 2013, Ben Affleck was asked to provide the commencement speech to the outgoing class at Brown University. Located in Rhode Island, the school is known as a prestigious Ivy League institution. Those who attend are often very loyal to the college and go on to do great things with their degrees.

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Providing a thought-provoking and motivational speech is something that each college administration seeks to have for their outgoing classes, and finding a significant figure is often sought after as well. Many celebrities have taken the time to participate in these events, especially those who have graduated from the colleges themselves.

While Ben Affleck is not a graduate of Brown University, he was asked to give the speech during the 2013 graduation season. With his powerful charisma, top-notch public speaking skills, and incredible writing talent, it was likely a no-brainer to ask the actor for this favor, and he happily obliged.

Ben Affleck on the red carpet
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Part Of Ben’s Speaking Deal Was An Honorary Degree

It’s expected that when a person accepts an opportunity to speak at commencement, they receive an honorary degree from that institution. When Ben Affleck was asked to provide motivational words to the graduating class at Brown University, he was also provided with an honorary college degree.

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During an appearance on the SmartLess podcast with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes, Ben Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon, who has long been Ben’s BFF, shared an amusing story about Ben’s appearance and a corresponding comment he made to their mutual friend John Krasinski.

Not only did Ben receive an honorary degree, but it was at the doctorate level. Although these degrees don’t hold any true value, receiving one is still an honor.

Honorary doctorates are given to those who have had an impact on society. It acknowledges the individual’s contributions and the work they have put into the world at a profound level.

While many wouldn’t consider an actor to be in the running for such an acknowledgment, people like Ben Affleck have overcome many obstacles and done a lot of work behind the scenes to get to where they are (even if some of his films are still flops), which makes them eligible for such a nomination.

hes just not that into you

Affleck Used the Opportunity To Brag To John Krasinski

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck has a competitive nature and looks for opportunities to get a leg up on his peers. When he found the chance to get one over on his buddy John Krasinski from the hit show The Office, he took it.

The two men have exchanged jokes in the public eye several times throughout their friendship, including a time when Ben Affleck crashed an interview John was participating in when he was talking about Ben’s movie Good Will Hunting.

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John Krasinski graduated from Brown University in 2001 and has made no secret of the fact that he is proud to be an alumnus of the college. During his time at the Ivy League college, he majored in English and playwriting. Additionally, Krasinski participated in the on-campus comedy group called Out of Bounds. Like Ben Affleck, John Krasinski himself has given the commencement address to Brown graduates, but in the year 2019.

When Ben Affleck received his honorary doctorate following commencement in 2013, he knew that he had to take the opportunity to get a dig in with his good friend John Krasinski. Following the event, he placed a call to The Office actor, letting him know that he visited Rhode Island and managed to get a Brown University doctorate degree in just 45 minutes.

John Krasinski on the red carpet
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Knowing the call was all in fun, it’s likely that Krasinski had a good laugh with his actor friend over the joke. However, John Krasinski can rest assured that his legitimate degree from the university will provide far more benefit than the honorary one that his friend Ben Affleck received.

In the end, having good friends you can joke around with is a sign of a good relationship. While most people have them, it’s not always known when celebrities have the same dynamics in their friendships. Hearing of this exchange between Ben Affleck and John Krasinski from their mutual friend Matt Damon gives fans a bit of insight into the lives these men lead behind the scenes and when they can be the real versions of themselves.

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