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Bill Maher took down celebrities who quietly fly private, but confessed he does also. Many celebrities have spoken out about saving the environment, and some are doing certain things to show their support by raising awareness and cutting back on certain luxuries. However, other celebrities who have spoken in support of the environment have also seemed to contribute to its decline, traveling even short distances in private planes.

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One comedian who has had no problem pointing this out is Bill Maher. He discussed how celebrities who fly in private planes aren’t exactly helping the environment, despite what they might say, or other actions they might take. However, Maher also admitted to flying around in private planes himself. Confessing he also flies in private planes, Bill Maher took down celebrities who quietly fly private.

Bill Maher Took Down Celebrities Who Quietly Fly Private

There are several celebrities who fly in private planes, despite their stance on climate change, or what should be done to help the environment. Others choose not to use private jets to travel.

There are several celebrities who are outspoken about helping the environment and climate change. However, some still quietly use private planes to travel.

During an ending segment of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, host Maher showed multiple pictures of celebrities who were near their private planes.

While there is nothing wrong with those who have private planes to travel in them (it is their choice, after all), it seems different when it’s a celebrity such as Leonardo DiCaprio, who is known for his outspoken support for the environment.

This seems to be the problem Maher has with certain celebrities traveling in private planes: some of the ones who do are incredibly outspoken in support of the environment, while also causing harm to it because of how they choose to travel.

According to, Maher discussed this during the segment, “All the environmentalists of Hollywood and Washington do it. Their position on climate change is, ‘We must do more to stop pouring carbon into the air, except for me when I wanted to go somewhere and then I take a private jet.”

Maher also added that “‘it’s time to get serious,’ suggesting nuclear power and more money for research.”

Although private jets are necessary for certain occasions, overusing them seems to be doing damage to the environment.

Bill Maher Has Confessed To Flying Private

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Some celebrities who travel in private planes – and might travel short distances fairly often – aren’t likely to brag about the way they get around, especially if they are known to be outspoken supporters of the environment.

Comedian Bill Maher is one celebrity who seems to have no problem talking about his use of private planes. According to Deadline, during an ending New Rules segment during his show, Real Time with Bill Maher, host Maher discussed his use of private planes.

According to the article, the Politically Incorrect host admitted, “he flies private. And most other climate preaching celebrities do too.” Maher also commented that the experience of flying private was addicting, saying, “If you do it once, you’ll never stop,” adding, “there are two kinds of people: those who fly private and those who would if they could.”

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When he discussed what could be done to solve the problems with the environment, Maher stated, “I know what didn’t work. Asking people to be good.”

He added, “‘When you tell most humans’ about climate issues, ‘their response is, What’s in it for me?'” Maher did add that he believes the environment is an important issue.

Maher stated, “I still believe climate change is an emergency. But I don’t think we’ll win with linen grocery bags or abandoning the gas stoves.”

Some Celebrities Take Short Flights On Their Private Planes


Some celebrities have chosen to fly commercial instead of on a private plane for a variety of reasons, one being the toll it can take on the environment to fly somewhere in a private plane when they could simply take a commercial flight with others.

According to Yard a sustainability marketing agency based in the UK, celebrities can do some harm to the environment with too much travel in their private planes. “Our data reveals that the average amount of CO2e produced by our celebrities – only by their private jets – in 2022 so far is 3376.64 tonnes each. To put that in perspective, the average person emits just 7 tonnes of CO2e – annually.”

Some celebrities have taken incredibly short flights in their private planes. According to The Guardian, Kylie Jenner took a “private flight that lasted just 17 minutes.” However, she isn’t the only celebrity to take such short flights in a private jet.

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Celebrities should be able to enjoy the private jets that they have paid for and earned, and enjoy the privacy that comes with them. However, maybe they should use them for longer flights, instead flights that take 17 minutes.

According to the Washington Post, Peter DeCarlo, who studies atmospheric air pollution and is an associate professor of environmental health and engineering at Johns Hopkins University, traveling short distances for unnecessary reasons in private planes can leave a negative impact on the environment.

“A short jump with a private jet requires lofting into the air a 10- to 20-ton jet and then moving it from point A to point B. The act of taking a huge piece of metal and putting it up into the sky is going to be an enormous carbon footprint that’s really not necessary, especially for these kinds of short distances.”

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