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Rapper Blueface has been sentenced to probation in relation to the Las Vegas strip club shooting in October 2022, and he’s strongly warned to stay away from guns, or he’ll be sentenced to prison.

On Monday, Blueface pleaded guilty to unlawful discharge of a firearm and was sentenced by Clark County District Court Judge Kathleen E. Delaney, who admonished the rapper and warned that if he is seen around guns during his probation, he will be sent to jail forthwith.

The rapper’s underlying sentence is that he is to serve a minimum of 24 months and a maximum of 60 months suspended sentence, but his probation should not exceed 36 months.

The rapper, whose real name is Johnathan Porter, is accused of firing shots at the victim, Kentavious Traylor, while outside of a Las Vegas Night Club. The rapper was seen on video firing shots at Traylor’s vehicle moments after he and his then-girlfriend Chrisean Rock had closed out a performance.

Blueface was strongly admonished by the judge, who warned him that his main probation condition was that he must not be around guns or he would be sent to jail if caught.

“No, you cannot have guns. There’s no confusion on that point. And if you choose to roll with guns and that’s your choice but I will tell you if you get caught doing that, if you get brought back here on any kind of probation violation especially anything involving weapons, I will not hesitate to put you in prison for a significant amount of time,” the judge warned Blueface.

She continued, “You are playing with your liberty, your life obviously, but you’re playing with your liberty if you’re gonna have guns and do anything to violate that’s gonna violate your probation in that regard, do you understand,” the judge asked him to which he responded, “Yes, ma’am.”
The judge also clarified that meant that he was not to be around or be seen around anyone with guns, and even photos and videos would be used as evidence.

“I don’t want any confusion; I hear people who say things like I didn’t realize I could do this or that or have pictures with them. No, zero guns around you where you are of any kind and that needs to be quite clear,” she said.

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