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Ben Affleck is no stranger to living his life in the public eye as a result of his fame. It is how he has spent most of his adult life. With this level of celebrity comes the highest of highs and lowest of lows playing out for all to see. And it is in these situations that it becomes clear who true friends are who want to give support when needed and who are just there to ride on coattails when times are good.

One of the darkest times that Affleck faced was when he was in the depths of his alcoholism in 2001. A time when he should have been enjoying his success in Hollywood. It is only through reaching out to get help and genuinely wanting to change that change can happen. Something that happened to the Academy Award winner when he reached out to Charlie Sheen, another actor who is no stranger to addiction. It was through Sheen’s guidance that Affleck received the help he so desperately needed.

But not all relationships stand the test of time. And while Charlie Sheen supported Ben Affleck’s recovery, fans wonder if the two are still close today.

How Charlie Sheen And Ben Affleck Met

Sheen and Affleck did not hang out in the same social circles. Nor did they star in any movies or television shows together. But as a result of mutual friends, the two were connected when the Deep Water star reached out to friends for help with his drinking and later on, admitted alcoholism.

After Affleck reached out to a “close friend” out of concern for how his drinking was affecting him, networking was done to put the actor in contact with Sheen. A perfect contact at the time, given that the Two and a Half Men star had been sober for three years in 2001.

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Once the two finally spoke, the ball was put in motion to get Affleck into treatment. Something that Sheen personally saw happened for the then-young star.

How Charlie Sheen Helped Ben Affleck Get Into Rehab

Having been successful in his time in 1998 at the Promises treatment facility in Malibu, Sheen recommended the same program to Affleck when the Argo star recognized help was needed to no longer turn to the bottle to deal with his problems.

After Sheen and Affleck spoke, the Anger Management star reached out to Promises to secure a room for Affleck.

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Just a few hours later, Sheen personally drove the award-winning actor to the treatment facility and helped check him in so that Affleck could begin his treatment at Promises.

How Much Did Ben Affleck Pay For Treatment?

While Sheen and Affleck successfully completed their 31-day programs, doing so comes with a hefty price tag. But the price tag was clearly well worth it.

To get into the exclusive drug and alcohol treatment facility, patients pay anywhere between $55,000 and $90,000. A total that may make it more appealing to celebrities looking for help knowing that there will be fewer prying eyes and more people who want to take their sobriety seriously upon entering the facility.

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Does this mean that everyone who enters the program will be successful long term? Unfortunately not.

Affleck has had three separate stints at Promises since his first stay in 2001. The difference between the first time and the subsequent ones is that interventions were needed to get the father of three to go get the help needed. Something that both ex-wife Jennifer Garner and close friend, Matt Damon supported Affleck with as his addiction was battled.

Sheen has been to Promises twice and other rehab centers to help battle his addictions.

But, if changes are made and more is learned about why the addiction exists each trip, treatment is worthwhile. As long as addicts want to stop using the substance that is causing them to be out of control, help can be sought.

Are Charlie Sheen And Ben Affleck Friends Today?

Since the first stint in rehab, there does not appear to have been constant contact between Sheen and Affleck.

Does this mean that the two do not speak to one another? No. But, when it comes to appearances or conversations about inner circles of friends, neither seems to speak about the other.

Even if the two actors do not have a relationship today, that does not mean that there is bad blood between them. And the two will be forever connected by Sheen’s kindness to reach out to help during a time in Affleck’s time when it was desperately needed.

Neither Affleck nor Sheen had met before the Pearl Harbor star decided rehab was necessary for his mental and physical health. Therefore, it could be that other than both having battles with addiction there is nothing in common between the two.

And if this is the case, other than running into one another at industry events, there could have been very little interaction between the two once Affleck became sober for the first time over 20 years ago.

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