Emma Watson

Emma Watson has enjoyed quite the stellar career, with several memorable roles. However, behind the scenes at times, things have been less than stellar.

Take her time in Noah as an example. Water bottles weren’t allowed on set, mixed in with shooting during the late hours of the evening, this caused the actress to completely fall apart off camera… What didn’t help is that she drank a three-month-old glass of water in her trailer. Not a good idea.

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Watson’s performance in Beauty and the Beast was very noteworthy, the actress would even sing for real during her role as Belle. We’ll take a look back at her time in the role, and why she was nervous to shoot certain scenes alongside Dan Stevens, who played “The Beast” in the memorable film.

Wearing The Beast Costume Was Not An Easy Task For Dan Stevens


With Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the lead roles, Beauty and the Beast scored massive numbers at the box office, generating over $1.2 billion, off a budget estimated to be around $255 million. Talk about a return. The reviews were also kind to the film, the likes of Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie with a 71% approval rating.

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Dan Stevens was a major reason the film’s success, playing the role of Adam/The Beast. However, the actor revealed alongside Teen Vogue, that dawning the Beast outfit wasn’t exactly easy.

“I would overheat, especially when we were dancing,” he explained. “So between takes there was a little tube that could be plugged in to ice-cold water to cool me down.”

As if wearing the suit wasn’t tough enough, the actor even had to dance with it on. Shooting the scene must’ve been stressful for the actor, as not only was he over-heating under the hood, but his partner Emma Watson was also stressed out about the suit during their dancing scene.

Emma Watson Was Terrified Of Her Dancing Scenes Alongside Dan Stevens

Emma Watson at the Kering Foundation Caring For Women Dinner hosted by Anderson Cooper.
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Emma Watson was a little unsure while filming her dancing scene alongside Dan Stevens, given his outfit and contraptions that it included. The actress grew paranoid that Stevens might break one of her toes mid-scene.

The actor recalls, “She’s a great dancer but she was terrified of me that I was going to break her toes in these contraptions that I was wearing.”

Wisely, the two would learn the routine on the ground, prior to wearing their full ensemble.

“Fortunately we learned the dance on the ground. As I always say to my kids, if you think you can fly, always test it taking off from the ground. So we learned it on the ground and then worked our way up to these stilts.”

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Credit to Stevens, who was basically wearing a 40-pound muscle suit throughout the film. Prior to the CGI, he looked nothing like The Beast during the filming process. But it didn’t lessen the struggle.

“I spent the whole time, as the Beast, anyway, in a forty pound muscle suit on stilts covered in gray lycra. So I looked pretty odd, but nothing like the Beast that you see in the movie,” the actor revealed.

Emma Watson’s Belle Character Had A Deeper Meaning For The Actress

Playing the role of Belle really hit close to home for Emma Watson. The actress was able to relate with her character on a deeper level, especially given her childhood experiences.

She said, “I think as a child, I had a very hard time working out sometimes to why people weren’t kind to other people, and trying to kind of understand.”

Watson continued, “I think what is so beautiful about Belle is that she’s so nonjudgmental. It’s her ability to see beyond the surface of things to understand that everyone has a story, and you don’t always know what that story is, and to look deeper into things before you make a judgement.”

Watson thrived in the role, but she was also very strict about staying loyal to the original film. Especially when different scenes were tinkered with.

“There was talk of, a little bit at the beginning, of a wedding perhaps at the end, and that had not been in the original, and I was sort of like, oh, me, sorry, can I just point out this isn’t in the original.”

“We need to stay faithful to the original, and I really, and I felt strongly about that. I felt very strongly that she needed to have a vocation to fill her time with, and this is very important to me.”

Watson had the right mindset as the film turned into a major hit and among the top performances of her career.

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