Inside David Beckham and Victoria's early relationship - late night calls and long drives
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David and Victoria Beckham have been married for more than two decades, proving to be one of the most stable celebrity couples.

The sportsman and the former Spice Girl looked back on the early days of their relationship in Beckham, a new four-part Netflix show about their lives.

David revealed he and Posh hit it off immediately after she gave him her number on a plane ticket during their second meeting at a football game.

He recalled: “There was something there just straight away. It was just like OK, this is it and it’s going to move fast.”

David’s team-mate Gary Neville remembered those days very well, recounting the pair’s long phone calls and David’s long drives to see his girlfriend.

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Gary said: “He was on the phone to Victoria every second. He would stay on the phone till one in the morning.

“It was like an addict. He’d drive four hours to spend 20 minutes with her.”

Ex-team-mate Paul Scholes explained how the situation was less than ideal as manager Alex Ferguson didn’t agree with David’s long drives to visit Victoria.

“We knew David was p**sing the manager [Alex Ferguson] off,” the football star said.

“I think he was probably going down to London at times when he possibly shouldn’t have been. And the manager wouldn’t have that.”

Even David’s mum, Sandra, thought the intensity of his relationship could have a negative impact on the footballer’s career.

She said: “We’d be staying at his house and three o’clock in the morning the phone would ring.

“I’d answer and say he is in bed asleep and they’d want to talk.

“Me being the protective mum thought, ‘you shouldn’t really be ringing this time in the morning’. But how can you tell them? They are adults.”

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