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There aren’t many people on this planet richer than Bill Gates. There might be a few, but for a long time, Bill was alone above everyone else. If it wasn’t for his charitable attitude, he still might be number one. After finding and establishing Microsoft as the lead innovator of computer software, Bill pulled out of the company in 2008. Since then, he’s become a spokesman for the field of STEM. This includes cameos on shows like Big Bang Theory.

Bill and Melinda Gates at one point in time made up one of the richest couples in the world. Their marriage fell apart, however, and they announced their divorce in May 2021.

What caused a couple that seemed inseparable to eventually separate? Here’s everything to know about their marriage and their divorce, and how it all affects their children.

6/6 Everything To Know About Bill Gates, Including His Marriage With Melinda

To say that Bill Gates isn’t one of the most influential businessmen in the world would be a lie. Bill was the primary leader of a business that dominated the technology sector starting in the 1980s. His company got so big that they faced a huge antitrust suit in the 90s and 2000s, which was around the time he decided to step down from day-to-day operations. Overall, Bill is a very savvy businessman as well as a programmer who’s translated his skills to become a public influencer. He also seems to be a pretty chill guy according to fans that have come across him. Nowadays, the Microsoft founder spends his time flying around the world and meeting with politicians and engineers. His main goal is to be the bridge between scientists and the government.

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So how did Bill meet his former wife Melinda?

Their long, long relationship began in the late eighties. Melinda worked at his company, Microsoft, starting in 1987 as a product manager. They hit it off instantly. Slowly over time their relationship developed, and Bill finally asked Melinda out in a parking garage. They finally married in 1994.

5/6 Why Did Bill And Melinda Divorce?

Cheating is pretty much the worst thing that can occur in any relationship. There were many rumors after the divorce announcement that he had cheated, and he even responded to these rumors confirming that they were true. Bill isn’t the only mega tech Billionaire to cheat, as Jeff Bezos also reportedly cheated on his wife as well. According to New York Times, Bill had pursued other women starting in the early nineties, and it eventually caught up to him.

Melinda stated in the above CBS interview that the divorce was caused by more than one thing. The 2020 pandemic also seemed to play a role in their ensuing divorce.

4/6 How Lockdown Impacted Bill And Melinda’s Marriage

The 2020 pandemic and lockdown caused a great deal of emotional stress on a lot of people. It was during this time where things fell apart for Bill and Melinda’s marriage. While Bill was leading the charge for a vaccine in the public eye, behind the scenes he had to deal with the repercussions of his actions. Bill even admitted to 2020 and 2021 being the toughest years of his life.

The lockdown allowed both Bill and Melinda to think about their marriage in solitude. Surely that isolation must have caused a lot of emotional pain as well.

3/6 Everything To Know About Bill And Melinda’s Children

Not a lot is known about their children. This is due to Bill and Melinda choosing to keep their kid’s lifestyles private.

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Jennifer is the biggest celebrity of the children. At 25, her life is pretty public due to her large following on social media, as well as the amount of interviews she participates in. She’s been married already, and has advocated for social issues just like her parents.

Their other kids are Rory Gates, age 23, and Phoebe Gates, age 20. Rory has a degree in engineering. According to WMD Media, Phoebe has interned with Vogue and has been mentored by Stella McCartney.

2/6 Bill And Melinda’s Kids Won’t Inherit Much Money

Bill and Melinda gates have made public pledges to many charities. After they pass away, most of their money will go to those charities. So what happens to their kids?

According to MarketRealist, Bill and Melinda will give a total of $10 million individually to each of their kids. While that might pale in comparison to Bill’s 100 billion dollar net worth, it’s still pretty sizable to the average American. According to Zippia, the average American will accumulate $2.7 million across their entire life, so ten million is a pretty good supply of money.

1/6 How Bill And Melinda’s Kids Feels About The Divorce

A divorce can completely shake up the emotional foundations of a family. How has this event affected the kids? It doesn’t appear to have affected them much at all.

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Their kids still seem to support both of their parents, which is the best thing to hope for in a family facing the challenges of divorce. This is likely due to the fact that the kids are all grown up. While it still might mess with them, it’s not nearly as bad if it were to happen earlier in their life.

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