The 1000-lb Slaton Sisters photoshoot in front of a purple background

Before they became best known for their hit TLC show, The Slaton sisters were already making a name for themselves. Now that 1000-lb Sisters has been on the air for a couple of years, Amy and Tammy only seem to be more famous by the year.

Thanks to their TV and internet fame, the Slaton sisters have an ever-growing fan base who wants to know everything they can about them. A perfect example of that is all the people who cared about Amy’s pregnancy and all the fans that track Tammy’s health scares.

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While it seems clear that Amy and Tammy enjoy having a relationship with their fans, things aren’t always that great for their followers. After all, some Slaton sisters fans spend a lot of time worrying about Amy and Tammy.

While concerns about the Slaton sisters’ health situations have always taken the forefront, many fans have other worries. Unfortunately, one of the biggest concerns about Amy and Tammy today is that many fans believe they spend far too much money.

How Much Money Are The Slaton Sisters Worth?

When a celebrity reaches the level of Robert Downey Jr., Oprah Winfrey, or Beyoncé Knowles, entities like Forbes do exhaustive research to report on their financial situations. When it comes to the Slaton sisters, however, neither of them has reached the level to garner that kind of attention.

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Even though more credible sources like Forbes and haven’t covered Amy and Tammy, other sources have reported about the sister’s fortunes.

According to multiple past reports, Tammy had an estimated net worth of $100,000. On the other hand, Amy’s net worth was two and a half times larger at $250,000.

While neither of those figures should be taken at face value, they do give fans an idea of the kind of money the sisters have accumulated in the past.

What The Slaton Sisters Spend Their Money On

Now that Amy and Tammy Slaton have become TV stars, it likely won’t surprise anyone that they spend money. Most notably, the sisters have spent money on homes over the years.

According to reports, Tammy’s Kentucky duplex cost around $239,000, and Amy’s home was a lot more affordable at just $37,000. Unfortunately for Tammy, she had to spend more money on housing once she began staying in an Ohio weight-loss treatment facility.

On top of the sisters’ housing costs, Amy and Tammy obviously have a lot of other expenses.

As 1000-lb Sisters fans will already know, the Slaton sisters often get food delivered to them which makes perfect sense, especially for Tammy who struggles to get around. While food delivery is convenient, virtually everyone knows how quickly the costs add up.

Another major expense the Slaton sisters have to deal with relates to their medical issues. While TLC likely helps tackle some of those expenses, Amy and Tammy have to pay the rest and the associated expenses.

Do Amy And Tammy Slaton Spend Too Much Money?

In order for anyone to truly understand whether Amy and Tammy Slaton are living within their means, they would need access to their bank accounts. Still, it definitely is possible to draw conclusions about their financial outlook from the outside looking in.

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According to what her sister Amy told The Sun, Tammy Slaton’s lengthy stay at a weight-loss facility has been financially disastrous for her. In fact, Tammy has been so financially destroyed that she can’t afford her mortgage and has been left homeless.

Fortunately, Amy said she would give Tammy a temporary place to stay during the aforementioned interview with The Sun.

Assuming everything that Amy told The Sun is true, it is pretty undeniable that Tammy has spent too much money. Although in fairness to Tammy, paying to stay in a weight loss facility seems like a good investment for her.

When it comes to Amy, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that she is in financial peril like her sister.

That said, it also is worth noting that Amy’s financial situation depends on the salary she receives from TLC and the money she makes from YouTube and Cameo. Sadly, TV shows often get canceled out of nowhere, so Amy may have to make big changes if 1000-lb Sisters comes to an end.

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