Fans Are Angry At The Way Billie Eilish Was 'Outed' By A Reporter
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  • Billie Eilish inadvertently came out about her attraction to women in an interview, sparking unnecessary controversy and intrusive questions.
  • Fans and supporters rallied around Billie, emphasizing the importance of respecting her privacy and not pressuring her to disclose personal information about her sexuality.
  • The Variety reporter’s focus on Billie’s “coming out” overshadowed her achievements and new music, which disappointed both Billie and her fans.

Usually when a singer’s name is trending it’s because they released new music, but lately Billie Eilish has been making headlines for reasons that, we can infer, she’d rather not. The young artist has said for years now that she wants to lead a private life as much as she can, so of course, she wouldn’t want people to be talking about her sexual orientation.

A short comment in a recent interview in which she spoke about how she’s related to women through the years was seemingly blown out of proportion, and although she was graceful when discussing it, she clearly wasn’t thrilled about it becoming a theme of conversation. Her fans were not too happy about it either.


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Billie Eilish’s Coming Out Caused Some Waves

Billie Eilish arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live
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It’s weird to think that a celebrity coming out can still cause some kind of controversy, but when Billie Eilish came out (somewhat accidentally), it became clear why some famous people are still not ready to be completely open about their sexuality. She recently did the Variety Power of Women cover story, and she spoke nonchalantly about her attraction to women. She didn’t outright come out, she just spoke about how she related to women.

“I’ve never really felt like I could relate to girls very well,” she said. “I love them so much. I love them as people. I’m attracted to them as people. I’m attracted to them for real. I have deep connections with women in my life, the friends in my life, the family in my life. I’m physically attracted to them. But I’m also so intimidated by them and their beauty and their presence.”

This musing of hers about how her relationships with the women in her life could have been left at that, but of course there were questions about it.

A Reporter ‘Outed’ Billie On The Red Carpet, And Fans Were Not Amused

It wasn’t long before Billie’s comments in the cover story came up again, and it happened on the red carpet of the Variety Hitmakers event just a couple of days ago. She was asked if she meant to come out in the article, and she said no, but also that she “didn’t realize that people didn’t know”. The Variety reporter asked about her “coming out” throughout most of their conversation, and they only had a few seconds to chat about her new music, and that didn’t sit right with either Billie or her fans.

Afterward, the singer made a post that said “thanks variety for my award and for also outing me on a red carpet at 11 am instead of talking about anything else that matters. I like boys and girls leave me alone about it please literally who cares stream ‘what was I made for'”.


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Fans agreed enthusiastically with her in the comments, and remarked on the importance of not rushing people to “confirm” their sexuality or talk about it, since no one owes anybody that information. The reporter most likely meant well, but as many people already pointed out in the comments on Billie’s post, it’s nobody’s business but hers.

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