Gordon Ramsay convinced one of his daughters will be on Love Island as he 'turn-offs' | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Gordon Ramsay admitted he will not be tuning into the popular dating show as the famous chef is convinced one of his three daughters could make an appearance on Love Island. The TV legend, who is married to wife Tana Ramsay, is a doting father to his large family.

Gordon and his wife Tana, who he married in 1996, have five children together.

Megan, 23, Matilda, 20 (who’s known as Tilly), twins Jack and Holly, 22 and two-year-old Oscar James.

The couple’s eldest was born in 1998 and their youngest in 2019.

The 56-year-old opened up about his eldest daughters as he discussed his “turn-offs” in a candid new interview.

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“Last time I looked it was five, but one more on the way!” Gordon replied.

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda was audibly shocked, as she gasped: “What?!” but the TV chef insisted: “Seriously!”

He then continued with his big reveal, adding teasingly: “Tana’s jeans aren’t fitting her!”

When a confused Amanda asked whether it was “Christmas or a baby”, he backtracked a little, joking: “Do you know what, I don’t know yet.

“I’ll double check when I get back. I’m going to Boots on the way back from here and I’ll double check.”

“Have you inadvertently just revealed something you weren’t meant to say?” Jamie chuckled in response.

“Tana would like another baby and I’m like, ‘no, no, no!'” Gordon elaborated.

You can read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times out now.

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