Here's How Bad Bunny Amassed His $40 Million Net Worth
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  • Bad Bunny’s unique sound and diverse musical career have helped him amass a net worth of $40 million in less than a decade.
  • Bad Bunny’s concerts, including his “The World’s Hottest Tour,” have grossed nearly $500 million, contributing significantly to his net worth.
  • Bad Bunny’s collaborations with brands like Adidas, Pepsi, and Apple have also increased his net worth, although the exact amount is undisclosed.

Though his name tends to elicit laughs in uninitiated circles, the fact is, Bad Bunny has become a major household name across the globe. The rapper from Puerto Rico entered the high-profile Reggaeton scene around 2016, and he’s grown a massive following since then.

Sure, his name choice is a bit debatable (but hey, he chose it based on childhood memories!). But fans can’t deny that Bunny’s songs are absolute jams, whether he’s dabbling in bachata, embracing rock, or heading off in another musical direction entirely.

The question is, how did Bad Bunny go from unknown to multi-millionaire in barely seven years?


Bad Bunny’s 10 Most Popular Songs, Ranked (According To Spotify)

Bad Bunny’s music holds the record for the biggest streamed artist on Spotify, with billions of streams from his most popular songs.

Updated November 2023: Bad Bunny’s net worth nearly doubled from 2022 to 2023. From being the most globally streamed artist on Spotify in 2020 to acting in his first major blockbuster film, Bad Bunny’s career is only beginning. It is only a matter of time until he passes reggaeton great, and idol of Bad Bunny’s, Daddy Yankee when it comes to net worth. .

Bad Bunny Came From “Nothing”

Bad Bunny Is A Self-Made Multi-Millionaire

Bad Bunny wearing sunglasses at a movie premiere
via Instar

  • Before being discovered, Bad Bunny worked in a grocery store and went to university

In interviews, Bad Bunny, whose real name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, maintains that he literally came from nothing. He grew up singing in the choir and making up raps to entertain kids in his school classes, then went to college and took classes in audiovisual communication.

That led to learning a bit about the music industry, of course, and Bunny wound up releasing some music independently on SoundCloud.

This experience, unique sound, stage presence, and diversification of his career is what has helped Bad Bunny amass his net worth of $40 million in less than a decade. An amazing feat for someone who is under the age of 30 years old.

Bad Bunny’s Unique Sound Broke Records

Bad Bunny Held The Title Of Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist For Three Years

Bad Bunny at the film premiere of Bullet Train.
Via: Instar

  • Bad Bunny increased his downloads yearly, hitting 18.5 billion in 2022 alone

One of the things fans and production companies love about Bad Bunny is that he has a unique sound. Because of this, in 2020, just two years after Bad Bunny broke on the scene, he became Spotify’s most globally streamed artist with 8.3 billion streams that year.

Bad Bunny’s streams did not slow down from there. According to Rolling Stone, Bad Bunny was at the top of Spotify’s list for most streams from an artist.

Year: 2020

Spotify Most Streamed Artist: Bad Bunny

Streams: 8.3 billion

Year: 2021

Spotify Most Streamed Artist: Bad Bunny

Streams: 9.1 billion

Year: 2022

Spotify Most Streamed Artist: Bad Bunny

Streams: 18.5 billion

The latest figures show that Bad Bunny made $36.2 million in 2021 for his streamed music on Spotify. Given that he had quite a significant jump in his streams in 2022, that figure was likely much higher as well.

Album sales also play into Bad Bunny acquiring a massive fortune in a short time.

In the US alone, Bad Bunny has sold nearly 5 million albums. As such, it is no surprise how many times his albums have been certified.

Album: X 100 Pre

Year: 2018

Units Sold: 865,000

Certification: 10x Platinum

Album: Oasis

Year: 2019

Units Sold: 560,000

Certification: 8x Platinum

Album: El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo

Year: 2020

Units Sold: 1.267 million

Certification: 6x Platinum

Album: Las Que No Iban A Salir

Year: 2020

Units Sold: 325,000

Certification: 3x Platinum


Year: 2020

Units Sold: 2.3 million

Certification: 24x Platinum

Clearly, the best way to make an income from music is to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, and Bad Bunny successfully did that. Between the streams and the physical albums sold, it equates to over 76 million albums sold. Bad Bunny has released almost every type of music, from trap to bachata/dance hits to raps in English and Spanish and this is why his fans love his music and kept him at the top of the charts for three years straight.

Bad Bunny’s Concerts Helped Increase His Net Worth Quickly

Bad Bunny Concert Gross: Nearly $500 Million Total

Bad Bunny performing onstage
Via: Instar

  • Bad Bunny’s The World’s Hottest Tour earned him the title of highest-grossing Latin X star of all time

Bad Bunny puts on quite a show and fans sell out arenas in short order. As such, tickets are resold for several times their face value, not that Bad Bunny sees any of the profit from that.

Over the last several years, Bad Bunny’s concerts have grossed an incredible amount of money. According to Touring Data, those figures include:

Tour: X 100 Pre Tour

Date: 2019

Gross: $55.1 million

Tour: El Ultimo Tour del Mundo

Date: 2022

Gross: $117 million

Tour: The World’s Hottest Tour

Date: 2022

Gross: $314 million

Tour: Most Wanted Tour

Date: 2024

Gross: TBD

While Bad Bunny does not get to pocket all of what is grossed, a large percentage does. As such, with three concerts in the last few years, and another one on the way in 2024, Bad Bunny’s net worth has been positively affected by his performances in the US and beyond.

Bad Bunny Makes A Fortune For Single Performances

Bad Bunny’s Single Performance Salary: $2.7 Million

Bad Bunny performing
Via: Instar

  • Bad Bunny was named highest-paid performer of 2022

While Bad Bunny’s concerts gross hundreds of millions these days, he can make a pretty penny from just one stand-alone performance.

These days, to headline Coachella, or put on a show that is not part of the concert schedule, Bad Bunny makes $2.7 million per performance. Not only does that make Bad Bunny the highest-paid performer as of 2022, but those millions add up quickly when looking at his fortune.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Bad Bunny is willing and wants to collaborate with so many different types of artists. It is just that much more opportunity to remain in the spotlight and be a marquee performer regardless of what other acts may be on a bill for a festival or other type of performance.

Bad Bunny’s Fashion Has Led To Brand Collaboration

Bad Bunny’s Collaboration With Adidas Has Lasted Years

Bad Bunny at the Met Gala
via Instar

  • Bad Bunny’s Adidas shoes sell out consistently

Bad Bunny has never been one to shy away from daring ensembles. Because of this, brands want to collaborate with him. This, of course, has led to Bad Bunny’s net worth growing over the past several years.

The biggest company to collaborate with Bad Bunny in the fashion industry is Adidas. In October 2023, the company released the Bad Bunny Response CL Shoes. The sneakers are an homage to Bad Bunny’s love of old Western films and have the look and feel of something from the Wild West with the leather and suede material.

This is not the first collaboration Bad Bunny and Adidas have had. The company and entertainer started working together in 2021 with the Forum Buckle Low, which sold out immediately. As such, the company was anticipating the same for the latest release with Bad Bunny.

Just how much Bad Bunny makes from this collaboration has not been disclosed. But because he continues to go back and work with the company, they are surely making it worth his while.

Bad Bunny’s Collaborations Have Increased His Net Worth

Bad Bunny’s Income From Collaborations: Undisclosed

Bad Bunny at fashion week
via Instar

  • Bad Bunny has collaborated with Pepsi, Corona, Apple, and more

With the popularity that Bad Bunny has amassed over the years, naturally, brands want to collaborate with him and make him a brand ambassador. While the amount that Bad Bunny has made with each company has not been disclosed, the brands are likely paying him handsomely to be the face of each product being sold to fans both domestically and internationally.

Some big brands that have collaborated with or endorsed Bad Bunny according to Capitalism include:

  • Crocs
  • Cheetos
  • Adidas
  • Apple
  • Pepsi
  • Corona

There are more brands that Bad Bunny has worked with over the years. As such, it is no surprise that his net worth has grown by leaps and bounds.

Bad Bunny Joined The WWE To The Tune Of Millions

Bad Bunny’s Income Per Performance On WWE: $100,000

Bad Bunny at the WWE
via YouTube

  • Bad Bunny won the WWE 24/7 Championship in 2022

Bad Bunny has always been a fan of the WWE. However, he may not have anticipated that his love of the sport would have led to his involvement in it. But with his stage presence and charisma, Bad Bunny was a natural fit for the WWE.

For each stint that Bad Bunny does with the WWE, he is paid $100,000. Does this mean that Bad Bunny is going to switch careers from a singer to a WWE star? Likely not. But by being involved with the organization, not only does he reach a different demographic, but he also gets paid well for his time.

Bad Bunny Has Successfully Tried His Hand At Acting

Bad Bunny’s Estimated Salary From Acting: $150,000

Bad Bunny in Bullet Train
via YouTube/Sony Pictures

  • Bad Bunny has received nothing but positive reviews for his acting roles

Bad Bunny may be known for his Reggaeton music, but he is also recognized for his talents in the acting world as well, with a stint on Saturday Night Live.

To date, Bad Bunny has been in several well-known productions. According to IMDb they include:



Felipe (supporting role)

Bullet Train


Wolf (supporting role)

F9: The Fast Saga


Lookout (supporting role)

Narcos: Mexico


Arturo ‘Kitty’ Paez (supporting role)

While most of these roles’ salaries have not been disclosed, reports are that Bad Bunny made $150,000 for his role in Bullet Train with Brad Pitt. And with two more productions in the works for 2024 and beyond, Bad Bunny is working on being as popular on the big and small screen as he is on stage.

Source: Touring Data, Capitalism, IMDb

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