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From 1996 until 2007, it was widely agreed upon that 7th Heaven was one of the most family-friendly television shows. Based on the family of a Protestant minister, 7th Heaven tackled a lot of difficult subjects through the prism of religion, which is why many parents felt safe letting their kids watch it. To the surprise of many, the show has wound up being the subject of controversy over the years.

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For a long time, a lot of people thought of 7th Heaven as the show that launched Jessica Biel’s career due to everything she accomplished after leaving the series. For that reason, it is amazing to think that Jessica once was wrapped up in a controversy based around a photoshoot she took part in, and many people think that resulted in Biel leaving 7th Heaven. Unfortunately, however, 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins was embroiled in a much more serious controversy, which led to him being disgraced. It has been years since Collins has been a successful actor, and that has left many people wondering what he is doing now.

Updated on November 17, 2022: Almost everyone in Stephen Collins’s life cut ties with him following the allegations brought against him, including his previous costars. Since 7th Heaven was such a staple in many American homes through the 90s and 2000s, there have been talks about a reunion. Catherine Hicks, who starred as Annie, even made the statement that she would love to come back for an episode, so long as Stephen’s character is killed off.

Was Stephen Collins Charged With A Crime?

Thanks to the tabloids and websites that track celebrity relationship drama, it is clear that some stars have gone through incredibly expensive divorces. When it comes to Stephen Collins, the end of his second marriage played a small role in him losing his career and his good reputation. The reason for that is that Collin’s ex-wife, Faye Grant, recorded a therapy session that she was in with him without his knowledge and he admitted to doing atrocious things on that tape.

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Once the public learned that Stephen Collins admitted to doing one of the worst things that anyone could do in a recording, the actor spoke to People in 2014. During that interview, Collins admitted to a history of sexual abuse involving underage girls that stemmed from 1973 to 1994. Without going into too much detail about what Collins admitted he did to his three victims, he said that he touched one of them and exposed himself to the other two

After Stephen Collins confessed to his history of abusing underage girls on camera, one of his victims came forward to talk about his conduct. In 2015, April Price spoke to the Daily Mail and revealed that when she was only 13-years-old, Collins exposed himself to her on three separate occasions. Since he claimed that he only exposed himself to her once, that begs the question, even though Collins admitted to terrible things, was his conduct even worse?

Whether the world already knows how far Stephen Collins’ deplorable conduct went or if there is more that could be revealed, it is clear that he has done monstrous things during his life. For that reason, there is no doubt that Collins’ legacy will forever be tarnished and people will never look at the show 7th Heaven in the same light again.

What Is Stephen Collins Doing Now?

When the world learned the truth about the horrendous things that Stephen Collins has done during his life, it became crystal clear that his acting career was over. Amazingly enough, however, even though Collins confessed to committing revolting crimes on camera, he never suffered any legal consequences for his deplorable actions.

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Once it became clear that Stephen Collins’ life as he previously knew it was over, he had to find something to do with the rest of his time on Earth. As it turns out, Collins has moved far away from Hollywood, he has a new wife, and he looks different enough that many of his former fans may not recognize him when he goes out in public.

Unsurprisingly, Stephen Collins has avoided the harsh glare of the spotlight ever since he was publicly shamed. As a result, the last update that is available about what Collins is doing with his life stems from a 2019 Daily Mail report. That said, there is no indication that Collins’ life has undergone any notable changes since that report was published.

After the end of Collins’ second marriage and career, he relocated to Fairfield, Iowa and he walked down the aisle a third time. Said to have married a “super fan” named Jenny Nagel who is roughly four decades younger than him, Collins and his wife have started a new life together. According to the aforementioned Daily Mail report, Collins’ new life includes twice-daily transcendental meditation sessions. It also is notable that Collins was caught on camera sporting a goatee that changes the way he looks, and he was seen dining out with friends and his third wife.

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