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Bradley Steven Perry was at one point a household name on Disney Channel. A central character on one of the more popular Disney shows Good Luck Charlie, it seemed like his career would go nowhere but up. While he exactly hasn’t become a superstar, he’s had a successful career for someone who dealt with fame at a young age.

A great thing is that he’s one of the few childhood stars who hasn’t lost their mind. Demi Lovato recently gave younger stars advice not to act for Disney shows. Bradley Steven Perry is proof that someone can survive starring on a Disney show and end up with their general sanity intact.

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How exactly does he feel about his childhood nowadays? He’s recently looked back in hindsight and shed some light on his time at Disney. Here’s everything to know about what he’s said.

6/6 What Is Bradley Steven Perry Known For?

His biggest role by far was starring in the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie, from its debut in 2010 to its finale in 2014. He played the little brother of the family Gabe Duncan, who often got in juvenile trouble.

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Most of his endeavors outside of Good Luck Charlie were also Disney based. This includes appearances in shows like Descendents: Wicked World and Lab Rats: Elite World.

His young stardom has reportedly netted him over $3 million, so he’s already set himself up for life based off of his acting career. But that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing an adult career.

5/6 Bradley Steven Perry’s All Grown Up Now

In the time Bradley slowly disappeared from the main spotlight of a Disney Channel show, he’s grown into a smart and capable young man who’s gone through college. According to his Instagram bio, he graduated from USC.

Part of growing up is having long-term relationships. He’s had some girlfriends in the past. He is currently dating a girl named Carley Williams. Their relationship is mostly private, apart from the occasional Instagram post featuring her.

4/6 How Bradley Steven Perry Feels About His Time Working For Disney

Usually, when a star grows up, they look back negatively at their time starring on a Disney Channel show. There are examples of Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Orlando Brown, and a countless list of others that ended up having a troubling career after the fact. Others speak poorly about their Disney experiences, while others end up getting in criminal trouble. According to TMZ, Orlando Brown was arrested in Las Vegas back in 2018 for an alleged burglary. At the very least, most actors end up hating Disney.

Bradley, however, loved his time with Disney. He hasn’t gotten in any criminal trouble either.

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There was a time recently where he explicitly spoke about being a childhood actor, and that was on a rather popular podcast series.

3/6 What Did Bradley Steven Perry Say On Jordyn Jones Podcast?

The place where Bradley let his opinions known the most was when he appeared on the Jordyn Jones podcast.

He spoke about the attempt to balance his normal life with his celebrity life. This included surrounding himself with people who had his best intentions, which can be a hard thing for people to do in all walks of life.

Bradley also spoke about the other actors on the show. Whether he was speaking facts about people or giving his opinion on the fictional family’s bond, it’s clear he knows and cares a lot about his fellow crew members.

2/6 How Does Bradley Feel About His Former Co-Stars?

There doesn’t seem to be any drama among the cast of Good Luck Charlie. If anything, there’s a lot of love between the fictional family members. Jason Dolley said everybody involved had a “chemistry” that other shows cast’s couldn’t pretend.

The cast had two major reunions in recent memory. One was at Bridget Mendlers’ wedding in 2019. Pictures from the event showed appearances of the entire fictional family, including Bradley Steven Perry. The other reunion was during the pandemic when a lot of shows and movies had reunions over apps such as Zoom. This was specifically for the 10-year anniversary of when the show started. Every single member of the main cast was included, including Bradley as well as Charlie herself, Mia.

Mia, just like Bradley, has grown up in her own way and is now 14 years old. During the Zoom reunion, Bradley noted how bizarre it was to be a public interview with her. It is a bit surreal, considering that most of his memories with her are from when she was just a baby.

1/6 Here Are Bradley Steven Perry’s Future Projects

According to IMDb, his last credits as an actor was back in 2020. He was a part of Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween. Other roles he’s appeared in were for the TV shows Schooled and S.W.A.T, both in 2020. As far as future endeavors go, he’s credited as ‘Kyle’ for the upcoming Dora The Explorer talk show. That’s about all he has listed at this moment in time.

He’s very active on Twitter. Most of his tweets are movie and T.V related, so there’s certainly still an interest in his Hollywood career.

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