Howard Stern Exposed Tom Arnold For Being One Of The Absolute Worst Celebrity Neighbors Ever
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  • Tom Arnold annoyed his neighbors by decorating his house with numerous Christmas trees months early.
  • Arnold’s employees report bizarre bathroom habits and inappropriate comments about an assistant’s appearance.
  • Howard Stern’s radio expose highlighted the True Lies star’s contentious relationships with neighbors and employees.

Tom Arnold slowly dropped off the face of the planet soon after his troubled relationship with Roseanne Barr came to an end. While Arnold continued to book roles, nothing quite stuck as much as when he was collaborating with the first of four wives. Following his 2020 divorce from Ashley Groussman, Tom Arnold faced numerous health issues that seemingly continued to remove him from his Hollywood career.

Arnold’s absence inspired radio legend Howard Stern and his staff to track him down and find out what he was up to. But while they were doing that, they discovered something far more interesting about the True Lies star. This article will delve into how Stern exposed Tom Arnold as one of the worst celebrity neighbors of all time. In addition, it will reveal what Stern discovered about how Tom Arnold treats his employees. Spoiler alert… it’s nuts…

Tom Arnold’s Neighbors Absolutely Hate Him, According To A Howard Stern Expose

Back in September 2023, Howard Stern sent one of his well-paid staffers, Memet Walker, to embed himself with comedian and actor Tom Arnold. Edgy segments and exposes such as this one are one of the many reasons Stern has become one of the most successful radio personalities of all time.

According to Stern Show writer and segment producer, Memet Walker, Tom Arnold gave him full access to his life for 24 hours. While Rosie O’Donnell’s former husband has been a guest on The Stern Show and revealed intimate aspects of his life, including how he sponsored Chris Farley’s sobriety, Arnold was never more honest with the world of Howard Stern than here. During Walker’s insightful attempt to uncover what the ‘day in the life’ of Tom Arnold is now that he’s out of the Hollywood spotlight, he uncovered a fiery feud between the True Lies star and his neighbors.

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Arnold lives in a 1500-square-foot house in Los Angeles that has no distance between his neighbors. And this, according to Howard Stern, set the stage for his beef with his neighbors.

“Not only does Tom Arnold have a small house, but he has a tiny front yard that’s completely covered in Christmas trees.”

Stern went on to claim that Arnold has two kids living at home who are obsessed with Christmas. To seemingly appease them, Arnold has his entire front lawn littered with Christmas trees months ahead of December. And this has angered the neighbors.

“The neighbors go nuts too. Because they are really annoyed.”


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“Yeah, I think some of — especially Tom’s next-door neighbor, has some real problems with Tom,” Memet Walker said.

“You do notice that Tom’s not only the only house decorated for Christmas in his neighborhood but it’s decorated months early and literally, there’s dozens and dozens of full-sized Christmas trees in his yard.”

In the taped segment, Tom Arnold admitted to having around 24 multi-colored Christmas trees, as well as a full-sized reindeer, on his tiny front lawn. Stern claimed that this was the act of a divorced father trying to keep the love of his children.

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“It’s got to be a tremendous eye-sore to the neighborhood,” Stern said.


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But this was just one of the many controversies Tom Arnold has sparked in his neighborhood.

“Tom’s next-door neighbor has a lot of complaints about Tom in general,” Walker added.

“Memet says Tom is a super nice person but his next-door neighbor hates him. Their homes are only a few feet apart and they get into text arguments over noise coming from Tom’s house.”

Among the neighbor’s biggest complaints is that Arnold uses his elliptical outside, due to it not being able to fit inside the house. But because Arnold sweats profusely, he has two giant fans blowing air at him while he exercises. And these fans emit an incredible amount of noise. According to the neighbor, they frequently interrupt her Zoom meetings when she works from home.

Tom Arnold smiling red carpet with son and daughter
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“That sounds like a turbo of a plane,” Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers said after hearing the tape recording of Tom Arnold’s elliptical fans.

“The other reason his neighbor hates him is that Tom shoots automatic pellet guns with his son in the yard,” Stern added before playing an equally noisy clip of Arnold and his son firing off numerous rounds right next to his neighbor’s house.

“I’d go nuts,” Stern admitted.

“Memet tried to interview the neighbor about Tom and the neighbor said, ‘I have nothing nice to say,’ and shut the door. So, we couldn’t get that exclusive.”

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Robert Downey Jr.

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Chris Brown

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How Does Tom Arnold Treat His Employees?

In addition to finding out what Tom Arnold is really like as a neighbor, the February 2024 Stern Show expose also revealed what he’s like to work for. In writer and segment producer Memet Walker’s piece, both Arnold’s housekeeper, Rosa, and his assistant, Sasha, were interviewed.

Tom Arnold smiling red carpet
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Walker claimed that Rosa often scolds Arnold about his bathroom habits. According to her, he often pees all over the floor and she hates cleaning it up. Rosa also accused Arnold of leaving “strange stains” in his bed. The accusations were that Arnold defecated in his bed. This is something Arnold denied in the tape. He claimed that the stains were likely due to dried blood following treatment for various skin conditions he has.


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The 24-hour embed with Tom Arnold also revealed him arguing with his assistant, Sasha.

“[Tom Arnold] wants me to read his mind and do things without asking him,” Sasha said to Memet Walker after swearing at her boss. “He makes everything unclear.”

According to Walker, Arnold also makes inappropriate comments about his assistant’s looks.

“Tom is very open about talking about how hot his assistant is in front of her. Which, in this day and age, usually a lot of people are afraid to do that. But, again, Tom is unfiltered.”

While The Stern Show’s 24-hour embed with Tom Arnold revealed some not-so-appealing things about how he is as a neighbor and as an employer, Stern and Walker praised the actor for being so open.

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