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It seems like a dream for any upcoming actor to star alongside Jennifer Aniston. However, for Jay Mohr, the opposite was true as the experience turned into a nightmare on the set of Picture Perfect.

For Mohr, it wasn’t the first time he got rough treatment by a celeb. The actor would also get snubbed a handshake by Adam Sandler, given past comments he made about the actor.

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In the following, we’ll take a look back at what went down during Picture Perfect, and how Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend at the time, Tate Donovan factors in. The mood completely soured for Aniston when Mohr was cast in the role.

Jay Mohr Says Jennifer Aniston Made His Experience In Picture Perfect Miserable

The 1997 rom-com Picture Perfect thrust Jennifer Aniston into the spotlight on the big-screen. The film was a success at the box office, bringing in $44 million of an $18 million budget. However, behind the scenes, things weren’t as smooth.

According to co-star Jay Mohr alongside Elle, his relationship with Jennifer Aniston wasn’t an easy one, and the actress made it clear from the start, she wasn’t interested in working with him.

“Being on the set of a movie where the leading woman was unhappy with my presence and made it clear from day one,” Mohr tells Elle.

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Mohr would also note that his lack of experience also caused outbursts from Aniston between takes.

“I hadn’t done many movies, and even though they screen-tested some pretty famous guys, I somehow snaked into the leading role. The actress said, “No way! You’ve got to be kidding me!” Loudly. Between takes. To other actors on set. I would literally go to my mom’s house and cry.”

The circumstances weren’t exactly easy for Mohr. However, there might’ve been another reason for Jen’s anger on-set.

Rumors Suggest Tate Donovan Not Getting The Lead Role Would Create Jennifer Aniston’s Outburst

Mohr took part of the blame, mentioning that his reputation wasn’t the best at the time, and this could’ve made things worse alongside his co-star.

“I’m sure that having acted like an asshole for a great deal of my life, then having played assholes for a good part of my life, created a perception that I’m an asshole.”

However, Mohr would reveal that the longer he sticks around, the more those around him realize that is not the case.

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According to IMDb, there may have been another reason for Jen’s displeasure, and that has to do with her boyfriend at the time, Tate Donovan not getting the lead role.

IMDb writes, “Matthew Broderick, Jon Stewart, John Corbett, and William Baldwin all screentested for the role of Nick. Jennifer Aniston pushed for her then-boyfriend Tate Donovan to assume the role, and was unhappy when Jay Mohr was ultimately cast.”

Things were made that much more awkward when Donovan and Aniston would finally get to work together, but going through a breakup behind the scenes…

Jennifer Aniston And Tate Donovan Finally Worked Together On Friends, But Not Under The Best Circumstances

Aniston and Donovan got their wish to work together, and even dated on Friends. However, behind the scenes, it was a different story as Donovan revealed that the two were going through a breakup…

“I was just happy to be on the team. The only bummer was Jennifer and I were breaking up at the time.”

Tate continues with Us Magazine, “And so that was tricky to sort of act, and act like we are just meeting each other, and falling in love, or whatever, interested in each other, when we’re sort of breaking up. That was just tough.”

Donovan and Aniston had dated for two years prior to their breakup. On the flip side, the actor was thankful for the respect everyone showed him while on-set.

“Those six people were amazing to me. They were fantastic. It wasn’t cliquey for me at all. I was lucky,” he adds. “The good thing that came out of it was that everyone was really cool about it, and really as helpful as they could be. In other words, they were just compassionate, very compassionate about the whole breakup.”

At the very least, the rest of the cast didn’t make things that much more awkward.

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