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The Yellowstone world continues to expand exponentially, as more episodes of the popular Paramount Network neo-Western series are released year by year, and extra spin-off limited shows are created. The latest miniseries off the Taylor Sheridan conveyor belt is 1923, which stars absolute A-list names like Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

The first four episodes of 1923 were released on Paramount Plus starting December 2022, with the final four scheduled for a February 2023 release. The one-season show is itself a sequel of another miniseries titled 1883, with both serving as prequels for the main show. Creator Sheridan is also currently working on a third spin-off, under the working title 6666 (Four Sixes).

The world of the story in Yellowstone is fictional, although elements of the series have been borrowed from real life. The Yellowstone Ranch owned by the central Dutton family is modeled on the existing, 825,000-acre King Ranch in Texas.

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In Yellowstone, the Dutton family is headed in present time by their patriarch John Dutton, a character that is portrayed by Kevin Costner. One of John’s standout characteristics is his ability to always maintain a calm exterior, even in the face of the most intense crises. Yet a deleted scene from Season 2 of the show depicted him breaking down in an uncharacteristic manner.

Who Is The Character John Dutton In Yellowstone?

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Kevin Costner’s John Dutton is the main character in Yellowstone. With audiences having been introduced to his ancestors in 1883 and 1923, John often feels like the last line of defense for the ranch’s future, with none of his kids particularly keen on carrying its legacy beyond him.

John is depicted as a complex and layered character, who is both respected and feared by those around him. He is a strong and determined leader, who will do whatever it takes to protect his land and his family. He is also a savvy businessman, who is constantly looking for ways to expand and modernize the ranch.

Throughout the series, John faces numerous challenges, both from outside forces and from within his own family. He must contend with government regulations, environmental activists, and land developers, who all want a piece of the Dutton’s land. He must also navigate the complicated dynamics of his family, as his children struggle to find their place in the world and live up to their father’s expectations.

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By the beginning of Season 5, John’s living children were Beth (Kelly Reilly), Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Jamie (Wes Bentley).

What Was The Premise Of Season 2 Of Yellowstone?

The second season of Yellowstone starts with the Dutton family reeling from the events of Season 1, which saw the ranch under attack from various outside forces, including the government and land developers. One of the main storylines in this part of the show is the conflict between the Dutton family and the Beck brothers, who are powerful land developers with a grudge against the Duttons.

The Beck brothers are determined to take over The Yellowstone, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Another major plotline revolves around the relationship between John’s son Kayce and his wife Monica, who are struggling to reconcile their different ways of life. Kayce is a former Navy SEAL and a rancher, while Monica is a city girl who is not used to the harsh realities of life on the ranch.

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Towards the end of the season, the Beck brothers kidnap Kayce and Monica’s son, Tate (Brecken Merrill) as part of their strategy. John immediately sets about planning a rescue mission to retrieve his grandson and return him to his family by any means necessary.

Why Did John Dutton Cry In The Deleted Scene From Yellowstone Season 2?

Kevin Costner As John Dutton

Despite his tough exterior, John Dutton is also a highly emotional and caring person, who deeply loves his family and his land. It is this side of him that was demonstrated in a deleted scene from Season 2 of Yellowstone, as was exclusively released by The Express at the time. The scene features John with his loyal-to-the-bone ranch foreman Rip Wheeler, as they prepare to execute the mission to get Tate back from the Beck brothers.

As the otherwise usually stern John breaks down, he says: “My whole life is just a long series of losing things I love… I’m not going to lose this one Rip, not this one.” It would be safe to assume that top of the list among the things he is referring to in that moment is his wife Evelyn, in events that preceded the current timeline of the show.

John’s first-born Lee was also killed in the first episode of the series, compounding the rancher’s overwhelming sense of loss. Even the deep feeling of commitment and attachment towards Tate is driven in part by a chasm between him and his son Kayce. Thankfully, his people are able to safely secure the return of his grandson, and avert any more loss for John in that moment.

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