Comedian Loni Love’s Doctor Says She Needs to ‘Lose More Weight’
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Comedian Loni Love s Doctor Tells Her She Needs to Lose More Weight 366

Loni Love.
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Loni Love updated her followers on her health — and got candid about her doctor’s orders.

“When was your last physical?” Love, 52, asked fans via Instagram on Thursday, September 21, alongside a photo of her at the doctor’s office. “Doc says my heart is good and then he says what he always says … lose more weight … laawwddd #healthiswealth.”

The comedian’s latest health update comes eight months after her gallbladder removal in January.

“I’m fine by the way,” Love told fans in an Instagram video after her surgery. “I had a quick question. Whenever y’all go to the O.R., do y’all ever make the whole O.R. stop and get into a little prayer? We had a prayer moment. That was me, okay? I’m fine. I just had my gallbladder removed.”

Love concluded the video on a more serious note, encouraging her followers to schedule their doctor’s appointments and emphasizing her “health is wealth” sentiment. “Make sure that you check your health. Go to the doctor. Check your numbers. Get your blood work done,” she implored. “Because without your health, you are just as broke as if you don’t have nothing in your bank account. Health is wealth. I wanted to let y’all know that.”

Comedian Loni Love s Doctor Tells Her She Needs to Lose More Weight 367
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In August, the former The Real host revealed why she was so outspoken about taking care of herself and why she’s so passionate about others doing the same.

“I’ve always been a person that’s been about positivity, but that also means making sure that you have the best health you can. Especially being Black Americans, we have high blood pressure and cholesterol issues,” she told Bet magazine at the time. “When you have a platform, you’re supposed to be responsible. That’s why the minute I woke up from that operation, I was like ‘I gotta tell my people to ensure they get themselves checked.’ I’m not ashamed of anything that happens in my life because I know it’s for a reason.”

Love also emphasized the importance of staying in good health at a young age.

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“You find out many things as you get older, but it’s also important to understand to cut back on some stuff so that you don’t have to have the gallbladder operations so that you don’t have to take the high blood pressure medications,” she told the outlet. “If I can tell that to the young people and people that are younger than me to work on yourself now so that when you get older, you ain’t gotta go through all of this, then I’ve done my job.”

Prior to her surgery, Love was candid about the ups and downs of her weight loss journey.

In October 2022, she shared that she had lost 40 pounds but still has a long way to go.

“It’s still a ways to go and you know what? I want to be a role model … because as Black women we gotta watch the diabetes, we gotta watch our cholesterol, we gotta watch our heart,” she explained on an episode of Sherri. “So it’s very, very important that we look at our numbers.”

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