Madelyn Cline Outer Banks scene

Since it was first launched in 1997, Netflix has become host to a range of popular TV shows and grown a substantial user base of over 200 million subscribers. The popular streaming service has become home to a wide range of popular movies and TV shows, with the platform even releasing its own ‘originals’ as of 2012. This saw the likes of Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, Lupin, and Outer Banks gain huge popularity, with many of the shows becoming a viral success among their subscriber base.

It’s safe to say that the highly-popular streaming platform has birthed many of the popular shows that we know and love today. However, this has also allowed several new actors to make a name for themselves, with millions of subscribers tuning in on a regular basis to watch their favorite shows. Some popular actors who found fame on Netflix include Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard, who were both cast in Stranger Things, as well as Taylor Schilling, Chase Stokes, and Madelyn Cline. Many of these actors won their breakthrough roles via Netflix, allowing them to establish themselves as actors and amass large online followings.

Madelyn Cline Rose To Fame After Starring In Outer Banks

Growing up in South Carolina, Madelyn Cline had always dreamed of acting. From a young age, the actress spent many of her summers in New York City, working on TV commercials and print ads. Some of the brands that she worked for included T-mobile, Next, and Sunny D.

However, Cline also started modeling from the young age of ten, signaling her natural talent for being on camera. At the age of 19, Cline dropped out of Coastal Carolina University to move to LA and pursue a career in acting, which was against her parents’ wishes.

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Initially, Cline landed smaller acting roles in Boy Erased and Vice Principals, as well as some small roles in both Stranger Things and The Originals. However, it was only after landing her role as Sarah in Netflix’s Outer Banks in 2018 that launched the young actress to global fame.

The role would see Cline play the character of a young, wealthy girl, who ends up falling for another cast member which would inevitably lead her on a wild adventure.

The show very quickly became a viral hit, with many of the actors on the show finding almost overnight success and fame thanks to its large following. As of writing, Madelyn Cline has managed to accumulate a whopping 12.5 million followers.

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Thanks to her newfound fame and fortune, Cline has gone on to star in music videos and has even joined the cast of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. She is also set to star in future seasons of Outer Banks, which is set to welcome three new cast members, much to fans’ delight.

Despite achieving such heights of success almost overnight, it seems as though Madelyn Cline hasn’t found every aspect of fame easy to navigate — including the online world of social media, and understandably so.

Packed with judgmental comments and internet trolls, the online world of social media can be challenging to navigate even for normal folk. As a celebrity, this aspect of the online world is incredibly magnified.

Appearing on Dear Media’s Ready, Set, Spill podcast, Cline dove into detail regarding her sentiments toward social media and fame. She explained that sometimes she found it hard to cope and struggles with the “lack of anonymity,” suggesting that she most likely feels overwhelmed at times by her newfound fame and social status.

She also admitted that she struggled with caring so much about what everybody thinks.

She added: “Everybody is totally entitled to their opinions, but sometimes it is hard because it feels like … you can’t (hear your own thoughts). Sometimes I have to take a step back and remove myself. It’s been an ongoing struggle for me.”

Madelyn Cline Takes Time Away From Her Phone To Ensure She Stays In A Good Mindset

However, despite having her struggles with her newfound fame and large online following, the Outer Banks actress has found ways to cope with it all. In the same podcast episode, she detailed how sometimes she ‘takes a step back’ and ‘removes herself’ from it.

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This tactic was further reinstated by Cline in an interview with Glamour magazine, where the young star was questioned about how she prevents social media from impacting her personal life.

She responded by saying she ‘turns it off’, continuing by saying: “At the same time, sometimes it can get very loud, so I have to turn it off and listen to myself for a second and be present in the moment. It’s so nice to not be thinking ‘oh, I’m gonna take this picture to post’. It’s so nice to just leave my phone somewhere for a few hours.”

She also noted that she was grateful for being able to use such a ‘wonderful tool’.

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