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Margot Robbie has been a force to reckon with ever since she made her way to Hollywood. Sure, she started out with a role in the short-lived tv series Pan Am at first but that soon led to bigger things. In fact, the series led to Robbie’s breakout role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. More big projects kept coming, cementing her status as an A-lister alongside DiCaprio and co-stars like Brad Pitt, Allison Janney, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Early on in her career, Robbie also started producing her own projects (including the upcoming Barbie movie). But even today, the actress revealed that she still struggles to be taken seriously behind the scenes.

Margot Robbie Formed A Production Because She ‘Didn’t Want To Get Pigeonholed’

After The Wolf of Wallstreet, all the roles offered to Robbie were for hot blondes and she wasn’t interested. Early on, the actress knew that it was important to diversify her portfolio. “I was going to have to show people that I could do something different,” Robbie explained. “I didn’t want to get pigeonholed.”

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And so, she took on projects that perhaps, Hollywood wasn’t expecting from her, starting with the 2013 film Suite Française. “I play a French peasant, and trust me, I looked revolting,” Robbie recalled. She also didn’t stop there.

“Then I did Z for Zachariah…and again, I looked revolting. By that time, I thought, I’ve shown people,” the actress continued. Robbie even took on the role of Queen Elizabeth in Mary Queen of Scots where she had to portray the late queen with smallpox. But as it turns out, the move didn’t exactly work.

That’s when she got to chatting with friends – Suite Française assistant directors Josey McNamara and Tom Ackerley along with childhood friend Sophia Kerr – about their producing dreams and the lack of good roles for women.

“I remember saying, ‘Every time I pick up a script, I want to play the guy,’” Robbie said. “‘Wouldn’t it be so cool if people pick up scripts that we’re making and always wanted to play the female role?’” That’s when they decided that the four of them would form a production company together.

They named it LuckyChap Entertainment and from the beginning, their goal had always been to “make female stories.” Ackerley, who later married Robbie, also added that they “wanted to find the next generation of talent” and at the same time, be “on the right side of culture.”

LuckyChap Has Since Produced Several Critically Acclaimed Movies

I, Tonya marked LuckyChap’s first feature film, which they pursued endlessly from the beginning.

“The script by Steven Rogers hadn’t hit the Black List when it was sent to me, and Craig Gillespie wasn’t attached as director. It was available and we read it pretty quickly, around the same time as producer Bryan Unkeless. We tried to get a meeting with Steven and he said Bryan had just come aboard,” Robbie told Deadline.

“So I sat down with Steven and Bryan and pitched them why I should, A, play Tonya Harding, and B, produce as well.”

I, Tonya proved to be a critical success, also earning Robbie her first Oscar nod. Soon, LucyChap followed this up with Dreamland, Terminal, and the Hulu series Dollface. The company also soon produced the crime drama Promising Young Woman, which is the first film they had done that doesn’t star Robbie.

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Robbie never intended to star in all of LuckyChap’s projects in the first place. “We never started a company to be a starring vehicle for me or to be a platform for me to chase my dreams.

It was really that we wanted to expand what female stories and female storytellers could do in this industry, and I don’t need to be onscreen for that to happen,” the actress explained.

“And especially at the beginning, there were a lot of first- and second-time filmmakers that we wanted to work with, and you can’t get something greenlit without a bankable name attached and I’m so lucky to fall into that bracket [of bankable names].”

As A Producer, Margot Robbie Still Has To ‘Fight Every Time’

Years after serving as a producer on several major Hollywood projects, Robbie is still not being taken seriously at a time when more actors are getting credited as producers too, and she’s getting tired of it. “Yeah, that pissed me off,” the actress said of the trend. “It’s so annoying because I have to fight every time.”

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As it turns out, Robbie has found herself kept out of production emails. Not only that, she isn’t even invited to join calls either. “Then everyone realizes after a few months, ‘Oh, she actually is a producer,’” the actress continued.

“But even still, people direct all the money questions at my producing partners, never at me. And so many times Tom and Josey have to say, ‘She’s the one to ask, actually.’”

Today, LuckyChap has several projects in the works aside from Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. This includes an Ocean’s Eleven prequel that may also star Robbie’s Barbie co-star Ryan Gosling.

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