NCIS Hawaii star Yasmine Al-Bustami weighs in on new series The Chosen and teases season 4
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The Chosen season four airs next year with excitement already growing after a trailer dropped and it was announced some of the new episodes would be airing in cinemas both in the UK and USA.

After starting off life as a crowdfunded project, The Chosen has become a fully-fledged show in its own right.

The series is airing on American cable network The CW and even got an exemption from the SAG-AFTRA strikes which allowed season four to be completed this year.

Ahead of season four’s debut in 2024, Daily Express caught up with Ramah actress Yasmine Al-Bustami about working on The Chosen as well as her other big series NCIS: Hawai’i.

Addressing the two shows, the American star – who is better known as Lucy Tara in the NCIS franchise – said: “I got the opportunity to do both from the start.

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“The Chosen, not from the very start but from the season one start and to see how it’s grown from the crowdfunding, I think it amazing.

“Then NCIS comes from a franchise and that’s such a well-built-in community but it was still a challenge in itself.

“I was able to start with season one of that from season one of Hawai’i – not one of the other NCIS series, so it was building a whole new community still at the same time.”

She said of the two very different fandoms: “Both parties – the people who support – either or – or both they are just huge fans and very supportive of it.

“Clearly, the whole message behind all of this interview is just support. It’s very lovely. It’s been such a fun journey.”

On the fan reaction to The Chosen, she said: “So far so good and I hope it continues to be good. Everyone’s so supportive, so clearly I try to surround myself with as much support as I can.

“Any time people come up or they express whatever they’re feeling about either the character or the show itself, it’s nothing but graciousness and kindness and not to sound like a broken record but support – very supportive.”

She also spoke about what fans could expect from season four of The Chosen: “So, we see her come back.

“She was gone in season three and we see what she is focusing on because she’s still continuing to learn to read and write and she’s getting better at that which is really nice, trying to figure out everything with her dad on that front.”

Al-Bustami also confirmed the romance between Ramah and Thomas (played by Joey Vahedi): “We finally get to see her and Thomas together and the continuing to follow Jesus while all this is going on.”

The Chosen season 4 episodes 1 & 2 will launch in UK and Irish cinemas on February 1, 2024

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