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Nicki Minaj says there are “snitches” in high places in the music industry as she reacts for the first time to the ongoing situation between her and her husband, Kenneth Petty, and Cardi B and her husband, Offset.

The Trinidadian rapper seems to think that someone told which is why her husband has received swift action from the court versus the police’s inability to find the prankster who terrorized her months ago.

On Thursday, Nicki Minaj called out the media for not reporting on the woman who made swatting calls to the Los Angeles Police Department and Child Protective Services, falsely alleging that her son was at risk of harm due to violence in the home and later that her house was on fire.

Nicki Minaj is sharing her travails amid the tide of backlash she is receiving for her husband Kenneth Petty, threatening to kill rapper Offset over the weekend and him facing swift consequences with the court sentencing him to 120 days of home detention.

On Thursday, things appeared to be heating up as Nicki Minaj posted an audio of the woman who made the swatting call.

In the audio, the woman says, “But he has a shotgun and he fired five shots and he could be possibly drunk and he has the child in his arms and she just keeps telling him to put the child down. I don’t know if he’s trying to leave with the kid and she’s trying to talk him out of it. He fired gunshots but nobody…”

Last month, Nicki Minaj named the prankster as Stephanie Bell and said that a warrant was out for her arrest. She revealed a photo of the woman on Thursday and claimed that the woman cannot be found. According to Minaj, her house was surrounded two times by SWAT, who turned up with large guns following Bell’s report that her son was being sexually abused by a sex offender.

“This person wanted a family with a 2 year old to be shot at…This same person made a false claim to CPS,” she said.

It seems that she might also be calling Cardi and Offset “snitches” following her husband’s latest court discipline, as she hinted that it was effortless to get her husband but not the person who made swat calls against her.

“When you have snitches in high places of the music industry who don’t want you to win but realize they can’t stop you because God’s anointing in my life is very real. Funny how this person hasn’t been found, mentioned, arrested, nada,” she said.

The woman is said to be a Cardi B fan, but this claim has not been supported by the LAPD.

Minaj also promoted her album and song “Big Differences,” which is currently trending on TikTok.

She also shaded Cardi B, who is yet to release her sophomore album. “It’s great when your label is excited about your album,” Minaj wrote. On her Instagram Stories, she also continued to shade Cardi. Nicki also threatened an unnamed person with violence for messing with her son.

“A child who’s done nothing to anyone but bring joy. You gon get the breaks beaten off you. Ain’t reading comments. DGAF about them so knock y’all self out. Show this to them. Write it down, take a picture,” she wrote.

Nicki Minaj Instagram

“Can’t call the cops everytime you flop. just saying,” she wrote in one IG Story. It appears that she is taking shots at Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Bongos,” which they performed at the VMAs and which she compared to her song “Big Difference,” released over the weekend also at the VMAs.

Minaj also added, “Barbz, tmrw ima tell y’all who to swat since swatting a home with a baby isn’t a felony. Let’s G0000000.”

The rapper also questioned whether her fans were on her side, asking whether it was still “protect black women” or “protect black women sometimes?”

In other posts, Minaj also hinted that she might be spending more time in New York.

“Live from New York for the next month maybe more,” she said.

No doubt this might be to extend the freedom her husband has given that he is out of California jurisdiction but has no legal issues in NY.

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