Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco
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  • Chemistry between Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons was unmatched on The Big Bang Theory. Their scenes were pure magic.
  • Penny’s rant about her struggling sex life went viral, showing how fans appreciated Sheldon being there for her.
  • Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco had other storylines they weren’t fond of, but their on-screen chemistry was always easy.

During its 12 season run, The Big Bang Theory had several memorable moments. However, the chemistry between Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons on the show was unmatched. Sheldon and Penny had so many memorable scenes, especially during the early portion of the show. One moment in particular went viral online, gathering over 25 million views.

We’ll take a look back at the season 2 scene that sees Penny go on a rant. Among her reveals, includes a detail about her struggling sex life at the time. Let’s take a look at what went down, and why the scene went viral.


The One Big Bang Theory Episode That Faced A Lawsuit And Was Requested To Be Removed By Netflix Because Of Jim Parsons And Kunal Nayyar

The Big Bang Theory ran into trouble during a controversial moment between Sheldon and Raj in season 2.

Penny’s Breakdown With Sheldon During Season 2 Went Viral Online

We turn back the clock to an early episode of The Big Bang Theory. The moment in particular takes place during season two, the third episode, titled, The Barbarian Sublimation. The scene starts with Penny struggling to get inside her apartment and putting in the wrong key. However, soon enough, she goes on a downwards spiral alongside Sheldon.

Among her rant includes a detail about her intimate life. Penny reveals to Sheldon, “Today I had an audition, and they told me I looked to mid-west. What the hell does that even mean?” Penny continues, “I have been in LA for almost two years now, and I haven’t gotten a single acting job.”

She continues, “I haven’t gotten a raise at work. I haven’t even had sex in six months. And just now, when I was walking up those stairs, a fly flew in my mouth and I ate it.”

Sheldon gives the most Sheldon answer possible, “Actually, insects are a dietary staple in many cultures. Their almost pure protein.”

The scene ends with Penny’s bag ripping, and storming into Sheldon’s apartment. It was evident early on that scenes between Kaleu Cuoco and Jim Parsons were pure magic on the show. Fans seem to agree as the clip below went viral on YouTube.


Jim Parsons’ Iconic Moment With Kaley Cuoco On The Big Bang Theory Resulted In A Lawsuit Nobody Was Expecting

The Big Bang Theory faced a lawsuit involving a certain string of scenes fans adored between Penny and Sheldon.

The reaction to the scene was nothing but positive, with fans appreciating how Sheldon was there for Penny during a tough time.

Jim Parsons Called His On-Screen Chemistry With Kaley Cuoco Very Easy

Jim Parsons touched on what it was like working with Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory alongside Glamour. Parsons also talks about making with Kaley Cuoco. During his candid interview, Parsons revealed that things were always easy between the two from the start.

Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons
via CBS

“It was really fun—and, very honestly, really easy. Very early on working on this show, I began working a lot with Kaley on a lot of different scenes because Penny and Sheldon had a lot of scenes together, and it was a very easy relationship to be a part of on-camera. Obviously, as different as she and I are—certainly as different as the characters are—that may not seem like the most logical thing to say, but as performers, she and I work very easily together.”


Kaley Cuoco Was Turning Red After A Fan Asked A Question About Amy Being Gay For Penny

Kaley Cuoco put her down after a fan asked quite the question about Amy’s relationship with Penny on The Big Bang Theory.

Parsons would also discuss what it was like kissing the actress on the show.

“The first time we rehearsed [the kiss], it was literally just like an extension of the verbal dance we’ve been doing for eight and a half years. It’s always awkward to a degree, but this was shockingly easy. We had so much fun. And it was so much fun to do it live in front of the audience. I kept thinking, ‘When a moment like that is going on, they’re going to know it’s coming and start laughing before we do it.”

Parsons’ perception of the scene proved to be false, as the audience sat in silence, and had no idea what was coming. It made the scene that much better, and it became yet another memorable Penny and Sheldon moment.

Jim Parsons And Kaley Cuoco Had Other Storylines They Weren’t As Fond Of

There are storylines that the cast and EPs struggle with now looking back. In fact, both Parsons and Cuoco had storylines they did not appreciate. For Cuoco, The Serial Apeist storyline was not one she was fond of, especially given the makeup involved.

Penny and Sheldon Big Bang
via CBS

“The worst experience was filming Serial Apeist and getting covered in f–king hair from head to toe,” she says. “I was like, ‘Really, you guys? This is what’s happening?’ And Chuck just thought it was so funny. He loved it. I never understood why.”

After the fact, Chuck Lorre himself admitted that the scene wasn’t his best moment on the show.

As for Jim Parsons, he did not enjoy the process of Sheldon moving out of his apartment, feeling like more could’ve been done.

“They made it work… but I mostly had to ignore my own feelings, which was, ‘This is out of whack!’” Parsons recalls. “At the very least, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a two-part very special episode where [Sheldon] ties himself to the kitchen island and won’t leave! But that wasn’t what they wanted to do.”

“Looking back, I’m still not at peace with it, but when we did it, I basically just chose not to think about it,” Parsons continues

Over the course of 12 seasons, the stars of the show were bound to run into forgettable moments with their characters.

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