Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Responds to Charli's "Loser" Diss, Accuses Her of "Projection" as Lala Tells Her to "Crawl Back Into a Hole"

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Responds to Charli's "Loser" Diss, Accuses Her of "Projection" as Lala Tells Her to "Crawl Back Into a Hole"

Credit: Instagram/Scheana Shay/Charli Burnett

Scheana Shay and Lala Kent spoke out against Charli Burnett on the latest episode of Scheana’s podcast.

Weeks after Charli took aim at Scheana in a live video shared to her TikTok account, slamming her as a “loser” and saying she doesn’t “f-cking like anybody” on the Vanderpump Rules cast, Scheana and Lala clapped back as they discussed the “ups and downs” of their own relationship.

“You and I have this in common where when monumental moments happen, if we are not connecting, we put that sh-t aside. And that’s something that I’m grateful for that I can do that, and I’m grateful for that you can do that too,” Lala said on the November 25 episode of Scheananigans, via Heavy.

“Other people don’t understand,” Scheana agreed, proceeding to look on season nine, which found her in the middle of a feud between Lala and Charli.

“Certain people, who I don’t want to give any attention to by naming, are just like but ‘I don’t get it like how can you be friends with her again. Is this going to affect our friendship?’ I was like ‘No, this is separate. Just because Lala and I are working on Lala and I, doesn’t change anything else. Like I am just focusing on us when it’s just us,’” Scheana said.

At that point, Lala spoke directly of Charli’s TikTok video, poking fun at Charli’s apparent drunken antics.

“That video — I was like, ‘I remember my first drink, put the bottle down b-tch, ain’t a good look.’ I was like you think that you are spilling tea and being shady, but you are actually needing to crawl back into a hole. Right now,” she demanded.

And Scheana agreed, accusing Charli of projecting.

“It’s also like projection at its finest. I’m the loser? Really? Okay,” she said.

In Charli’s TikTok video, she offered her fans and followers what she referred to as “tea.”

“I don’t f-cking like anybody. That’s the tea. And Scheana’s a f-cking loser. That’s a f-cking tea,” she stated.

Also, during Scheana’s podcast episode, Lala briefly teased the upcoming 10th season of Pump Rules, saying, “Season f-cking 10, Scheana, it’s so good!”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime in early 2023.

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