Radio DJ claims Mike Myers had him fired for looking at him
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There was no love lost on the set of this infamously bad Mike Myers movie!

Canadian disc jockey Jay Brody claims he once found himself out of a job after breaking Myers’ alleged cardinal rule: No eye contact.

Brody revealed to “Carly & Jay” listeners on Sonic Radio that, “Mike Myers had me fired off the set of ‘The Love Guru’ because I made eye contact with him — and I was there as his bodyguard!”

A rep for the “Austin Powers” star called the “[15]-year-old claim” bogus and told us, “Mike didn’t have a bodyguard on ‘The Love Guru.’”

But Brody told us he was a security guard assigned to a shooting location in downtown Toronto. He claims he was hired to work on the 2008 movie, and received the warning at the time about the former “SNL” star, “You can’t look at him,” even though Myers was “going to be in a wig and prosthetics.”

Mike Myers
A rep for Myers told us he didn’t have a bodyguard on the set of “The Love Guru.”
Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

Myers apparently appeared in costume on Brody’s first day, and “First hour I’m there… I don’t know what he looks like yet, so I just see a man approaching, long hair, thick beard, and I think, ‘That’s Mike Myers.’ I look down, to not look at him… but I realize you can’t just let anyone into the trailer, so I look up and I catch his eye for a second,” he said.

Then, “within an hour, I get a phone call letting me know, I’m fired and I have to get off the set,” Brody claims.

Brody told us Myers “never said anything to me personally.”

Jay Brody
Brody shared the story with his “Carly & Jay” co-host on Monday.

He shared the story in response to movie fans on Twitter knocking a video showing Keanu Reeves carrying production equipment around the set of his latest film, “John Wick 4.”

“People saying that ‘he shouldn’t be praised for helping’ have no idea what it’s like working in film,” he tweeted along with the claim that Myers got him fired.

He seems to have taken it all in stride… over a decade has passed and he signed off his message with a laughing emoji.

The movie, which ended up being a bomb, followed an American raised abroad by gurus who comes back to America to break into the self-help business.

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