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It started with the Mickey Mouse Club but soon enough, Ryan Gosling was able to climb the Hollywood ladder, turning into a heartthrob thanks to his work in The Notebook, and several other projects.

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However, Gosling certainly was not ready for this particular lawsuit. This isn’t the first time that an odd lawsuit takes place in the world of film.

Along with the lawsuit, we’ll also take a look at Gosling’s time in the film, and why he was attracted to the project.

Finally, we’re going to reveal what the fans had to say about the trailer, and if they agreed with the fact that the trailer was viewed as ‘misleading’ by a Michigan woman.

Ryan Gosling Took On The Film Drive Because Of The Depth Involved In His Character

Released back in 2011, Drive was yet another success for Ryan Gosling. The film had a smaller budget of $15 million but managed to thrive, making $81.4 million at the box office. The reviews were also kind to the film, with the likes of IMDb rating the flick a 7.8 stars on 10. Rotten Tomatoes would also give Gosling’s flick a 93% approval rating.

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For Ryan Gosling, when he got the script, he was immediately attached as a producer and told to find a director for the script. Ultimately, according to his words with Collider, the actor felt connected to the script, given the depth involved with his character, Driver.

“When I read this script and I was looking at this character’s behavior – he was going around acting like a maniac – I thought, “This is somebody who has seen too many movies.” Because he was a stunt man, it seemed that we could go deeper into that idea.”

“He had seen too many films and basically started to become the hero of the movie of his life. I thought that could be implemented into this script, but I needed a director that could help me achieve that,” he tells Collider.

Nicolas Winding Refn turned out to be the right man for the director job. However, not everyone was happy with the film, especially its trailer.

A Michigan Woman Sued FilmDistrict For A Misleading Trailer, Comparing To Fast And Furious

This isn’t something we see every day. According to THR, a woman by the name of Sarah Deming filed a lawsuit, claiming that the film Drive issued a trailer that made it seem as though it was a comparable to Fast and Furious.

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The lawsuit statement further reads, “Drive bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film… having very little driving in the motion picture,” the suit continues.

“Drive was a motion picture that substantially contained extreme gratuitous defamatory dehumanizing racism directed against members of the Jewish faith, and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith.”

The Michigan plaintiff demanded a refund for the film, while also asking for the trailer to be halted. Ultimately, it seems as though the case was dismissed, while fans also had a different take on the trailer.

Fans Did Not Agree With The Lawsuit And Praised The Trailer

Released on YouTube more than a decade ago, the Drive trailer has more than 8 million views. According to the comments, not only was the trailer spot on, but some say that it exposed too much of the film.

One fan writes, “Love this movie, This trailer gives away waaayyy too much though. Hell thats probably all the dialog in the movie.”

Another fan stated, “I’m not even a fan of violent movies but this one was really really amazing. The whole atmosphere of it all was on a different level than any other movie. Really great work.”

There was one criticism related to the trailer, and no, it wasn’t the fact that it looked like The Fast And Furious. Instead, one fan stated that the trailer was misleading for the fact it seemed as though Ryan Gosling had a lot of dialogue throughout the film.

“The trailer makes the Ryan Gosling’s character look so talkative.”

Other fans argued that Gosling’s lack of lines in the film made his character that much more captivating to watch.

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