Scheana Shay Reveals Why Brock Took a 'Step Back' From Filming Vanderpump Rules and Plans for Frozen Eggs, Plus Says Katie's "Troll" Diss is "Projection" Amid Feud

Scheana Shay Reveals Why Brock Took a 'Step Back' From Filming Vanderpump Rules and Plans for Frozen Eggs, Plus Says Katie's "Troll" Diss is "Projection" Amid Feud

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Scheana Shay‘s husband, Brock Davies, took a “step back” from filming Vanderpump Rules after its drama-filled ninth season.

After facing backlash due to a domestic dispute and child support battle with his ex, Brock, 31, wasn’t “as involved” in season 10. And, before turning the tables on Katie Maloney, 36, and confirming she does not want to be Katie’s friend, Scheana, 37, explained his decision.

“It was a lot,” Scheana admitted to Life & Style on March 2. “I think it was over-exposure for him his first season.”

While viewers will see less of Brock on season 10, Scheana hopes fans will see a different side of her partner during the scenes he filmed.

“We have a baby, who is now a toddler, and we try — as much as I love my mom, and she helps, and she is amazing — but we try to not use her as much as possible,” Scheana explained. “So every time you see me out, Brock isn’t always there because he’s with the baby. Every time he’s out, I’m not always there because I’m with the baby. There’s a lot of things that you’re gonna see just me at because he’s just home being an amazing dad.”

As Pump Rules fans may have seen, Scheana and Brock got married during season 10 in a moment that will eventually air on the show. However, when it comes to the dynamic between them, Scheana said not much has changed.

“We jumped in this relationship so quickly, you know, with the pandemic. We’re living together, we’re pregnant within six months of dating [Scheana suffered a miscarriage in June 2020], so our relationship already fast-forwarded, and getting married didn’t change anything,” Scheana explained. “He is my perfect match and person.”

Although Scheana loves being a mom, she’s not planning on expanding her family any time in the near future.

“I don’t know that I will carry another child because I had a very traumatic labor,” she shared. “I don’t want to risk anything when I have her to think about. So, I think fertilizing my eggs this year is the next step. But no plans for baby No. 2.”

In another interview, Scheana clapped back at Katie, who called her a “troll” on a recent episode of Pump Rules for “meddling” in her divorce from Tom Schwartz, 40.

“For her to call me a troll, it irritated me so much because it was projection at its finest,” Scheana told Us Weekly on March 1. “She actually sits at home and is a troll. Like, she goes on Reddit, finds out information about us, and then screenshots it and sends it to people, and then comments on posts and actually trolls. So, I was like, ‘No, no, no. That’s one thing you’re not gonna call me because that’s actually what you are.’”

Because Scheana encouraged a romance between Tom and Raquel Leviss, 28, Katie targeted her throughout season 10. But, according to Scheana, she was only following through with the idea because Katie had given it her blessing — only to later “[change] her mind.”

“[She] was like, ‘Oh, well, when I said that, I didn’t mean it’ and ‘Oh, I had 17 drinks. I didn’t mean it.’ I’m like, ‘OK, but you said it,’” Scheana recalled, confirming she “completely backed off” once she realized Katie was no longer on board.

Moving forward, Scheana admits she doesn’t see a reconciliation between them.

“I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have the energy for that. We just don’t vibe. I can never be the friend that she would expect me to be. I don’t want to be,” she explained.

“Honestly, as someone who got severely bullied at a young age, I don’t think that with her or Stassi [Schroeder] I was ever able to fully get over that. I tried for so many years to still be their friend, but it’s, like, that initial bullying was still always there,” Scheana added. “And then anytime they had an issue with someone, like James Kennedy for example, they expected blind loyalty, and they didn’t want me to be friends with anyone they had an issue with. And I don’t roll like that.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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