Seth Meyers Was Humbled After Taylor Swift's Monologue (And His 'Bad' Hosting Job)
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  • Taylor Swift impressed Seth Meyers with her musical SNL monologue, which she prepared herself.
  • Meyers and the writing staff were instantly hooked by Swift’s catchy song, but when she performed, Seth was less than supportive.
  • Swift’s monologue became iconic on SNL, and Seth later felt bad for his shortcomings.

Before securing a gig as one of the late-night show headliners interviewing influential guests like Jason Bateman daily, Seth Meyers was a writer and comedian on the iconic show Saturday Night Live. In this role, he worked with many different celebrities, including the infamous Taylor Swift. When it came time for Swift to host the network program, she threw a curveball at the writing staff, which included Meyers and the show’s producer.

In an interview, Seth Meyers detailed how 19-year-old Taylor Swift came into her first day as host and announced that she had already prepared her monologue, which she presented in song form. Having not encountered this before, Seth Meyers shared his immediate reaction to hearing this self-created comedy bit from the hit musician.

Seth Meyers Was Hugely Impressed With Taylor’s Musical SNL Number

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Although Seth Meyers holds some guilt for how he left Taylor Swift to fend for herself in her SNL hosting duties, he is quick to say that her performance was not a reflection of the lack of guidance she received.

While there may have been some anxiety over how everything would go over with such a young individual penning her monologue, all concerns were washed away as soon as Taylor started performing for the small group in Loren Michaels’ (SNL Creator) office.


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Seth has earned and continues to earn a whopping $3 million per season, all contributing to his impressive $10 million net worth.

Not only did Meyers and the rest of the group appreciate the comedic touch, but they also applauded the overall beauty of the song as a whole. The catchy chorus and the melodic harmony immediately hooked those on the team, and a plan was put into action to incorporate the song at the top of the broadcast.

Actors Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis even got on board. The two joined Swift on stage towards the end of the song. They pretended to be Swift’s security in case Kanye West decided to run up on the stage again like he did when Taylor won an award at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Swift’s Monologue Became Iconic On SNL

Taylor Swift smirking at concert
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Fans of Taylor Swift were excited to hear her monologue and all the juicy details it included. Whether it was a subtle hint about Taylor’s relationship with Taylor Lautner, a reference to her spat with Kanye West, or the fact that she likes to name-drop her exes in her songs to bring shame to their lives, Taylor Swift had it all front and center during her SNL song.


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Even those who aren’t fans of Taylor Swift can appreciate the effort she put into individualizing the song for her situation and bringing humor to the headlines splashed across newspapers and magazines every day. The simple but catchy guitar playing and the underhanded jabs brought a smile to many who tuned in that night and afterward.

The Monologue Isn’t the First SNL Pitch Swift Has Made

Years after Taylor Swift made her debut as the host of Saturday Night Live, she was invited back to be a musical guest. In addition to performing on the show, she was asked to participate in a skit.

During the planning sessions, Taylor pitched her own ideas to the writing staff in terms of jokes. Not only were many used during the digital short, but they went over very well with the audience.

How Did Swifties Rate the Monologue?

Taylor-Swift at 2019 Music Awards.
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While one may assume that any diehard fan of Taylor would praise her every move, there are times when Swifties voice their displeasure at something the artist has done.


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Taylor Swift is a cultural icon and a financial powerhouse in the entertainment industry, who is now in the billionaires club.

However, that was not the case regarding Swift’s singing monologue on SNL. While Swifties everywhere huddled in front of their television screens to watch the artist sing her heart out at the start of her hosting duties, they simultaneously blew up social media with their excitement over the debut and the comedic style of the music and message.

The response was overwhelmingly positive towards the young musician and her first attempt at comedic songwriting and performing.

What Does Seth Think Today?

As one of the show’s writers who also served as a cast member for many years, Seth Meyers had his fair share of frustrations with hosts and musical guests during that time. However, since he has stepped away and returned to occupy the host role, he sees things differently.

When he sat in the writing chair, he didn’t understand the pressure the hosts were under and how little guidance they received before going up on stage. As he filled in for the host position, this was more of a reality than ever.

Even with years of experience on the show, he still found himself lost in what to do. The late-night talk show host reports that the newfound understanding makes him even more impressed with how Taylor Swift performed in her role at just 19 years old.

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