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Sydney Sweeney has been open about hiding her true self from the world. According to an interview with Vogue, Sweeney “creates characters” to mask her social anxiety.

“I create different personas that [represent] who I’d want to be in that moment, which puts me at ease,” Sweeney admitted to Vogue.

But there have been occasions where the Euphoria star has pulled back the curtain and faced consequences because of it. Not that she’s doing something wrong, but because the Twitter mob loves to attack her for just about everything. This includes the backlash after she vocalized her financial troubles, hosting a country-themed birthday party for her mother that offended some fans, and even showing up to an award show in an outfit that “body-shamed” people who don’t have her figure.

It seems as though Sydney Sweeney just can’t win. So, it’s no wonder that, in her tremendously raw November 2022 interview with GQ, Sydney revealed that she feels completely misunderstood…

Inside Sydney Sweeney’s Battle With Anxiety And Burnout

During Sydney Sweeney’s November 2022 interview GQ, the talented Euphoria star revealed the moment when she knew fame had changed her life; A simple outing to a flea market proved to be quite overwhelming. As soon as she was recognized, she was swarmed by fans and had to keep her guard up.

According to the GQ journalist, Sweeney called the outing “a terrible decision”. She didn’t enjoy herself and had to find a polite way of leaving.

For a young woman from a small town in Washington state, all of the attention she’s been receiving has been a lot to digest. While there’s no doubt that it comes with its benefits (including famous friends, a stable income, and some swanky perks), Sweeney has had to learn the hard way that being famous isn’t all sunshine and roses.

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While filming her new movie Reality Winner in the summer of 2022, Sweeney said she started having panic attacks.

“I put so much into that movie and every hour I had off I had a photoshoot or interview or prepping for [her upcoming Spider-man spin-off movie] Madame Web,” Sydney Sweeney said to GQ. “I wasn’t allowed to quiet my brain. And that’s hard.”

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Sweeney’s panic attacks and lack of sleep caused her to take seven days off, return home to Spokane, Washington, and turn off her phone. However, she found this choice to be equally extreme.

“I was like, ‘F***, I can’t do that again,’ so I have to find a healthy in-between.”

A year earlier, Sweeney also detailed how her relationship with social media has also caused her anxiety. Given the numerous studies linking anxiety and social media use, this is totally understandable. But adding the fact that Sweeney’s gram reaches millions more people than the average person’s, it makes even more sense.

Sydney Sweeney Fans Don’t Understand Her

There’s no shortage of examples of fans and critics alike totally missing the point of what Sydney Sweeney is actually doing. At every turn, they criticize her or get angry about something she did, said, or didn’t say. They say she’s too private. They say she’s too public. They say she’s ugly. They say she’s too attractive. They say she speaks out too much. They say she speaks out too little.

They also completely miss the point.

So, what’s Sydney Sweeney actually doing? Well, anyone who has spent a smidgen of time observing her knows that Sweeney is simply trying to pursue her dreams.

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Ever since she was a little girl, Sweeney knew what she wanted to do with her life. The fact that she earned success is exciting for her. And her work ethic should be applauded. As should her willingness to be open with her fans when she chooses to be. As for her privacy… that should be respected too.

Perhaps, Sweeney is smart to be private about things like her love life. It’s highly likely that the tidal wave of negative and disrespectful fan feedback would worsen. The reaction to Sweeney giving fans a glimpse of her family life is evidence enough.

According to People, many fans tried to cancel Sweeney after some attendees of her mother’s 60th birthday party appeared to be sporting attire that suggested they were conservative. When asked about this by GQ, Sweeney said, “Honestly I feel like nothing I say can help the conversation. It’s been turning into a wildfire and nothing I can say will take it back to the correct track.”

As pointed out by the interviewer at GQ, it’s comments like this that cause some in the media to claim she needs PR training.

“I’ll see people say, ‘She needs to get media training’. Why, do you want to see a robot?” Sweeney said to GQ. “I don’t think there’s any winning.”

Sydney Sweeney Doesn’t Feel”Understood” By Her Family

Not only does Sydney Sweeney have trouble finding understanding in the world of Hollywood, fame, and fandom, but she also feels the same way when she returns home.

“When I go home my family doesn’t understand me or the world I’m in anymore,” Sweeney admitted in her November 2022 GQ interview.

Sweeney grew up in a rural community that simply doesn’t have the same lifestyle or political leanings as the majority of Hollywood. Despite being exceptionally close with her mother and grandmother, there are aspects of Sweeney’s life that they don’t get. An example being when Sweeney phoned her grandmother to tell her about the Met Gala. Her grandmother’s response… “What’s that?”

“But then in this industry, my home and the place that grounds me is so vastly different to how people live there. I’m in this in-between place where I feel like neither side understands me.”

While Sweeney’s relationship with her mom is very positive, she told GQ that her father lives outside of the US with his new family and doesn’t even have cell service. He is so far removed from Sweeney’s Hollywood life that it’s unlikely he’s seen much of her work.

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