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When it comes to shoes, those in the fashion world know a few names. Manolo’s, Jimmy Choo’s and of course, the immaculate and always magnificent, Louboutin’s. Nobody does it quite like Christian Louboutin for female footwear. The classic red lacquer bottoms that he owns the rights to, by the way, are synonymous with the brand’s identity.

Related:Priyanka Chopra Doesn’t Just Wear Louboutins, She’s Buddies With The DesignerLouboutins are, of course, handmade. Even the leather is hand-dyed, and then cut by hand. The only shops where Louboutin shoes are produced are those that are focused on creating only high-end footwear. Red bottoms use the finest quality leather for both inner and outer soul. The heel is a steel rod. It is then covered in plastic and finally leather to match. It’s no wonder rappers like Jay-Z and Cardi B pay homage in their lyrics to the great designer. Take a look for yourself as the top Loubi heels of 2022 are listed below.

These boots are nothing short of everything. The Asteroispikes Booty sits right above the ankle. It is a work of art and displays Maison Christian Louboutin’s skill with footwear. Calf suede is used in the production of the top portion, making it very soft and elegant. The design also incorporates an ankle strap with a row of Art Deco spikes. The 3.9″ slanted heel makes for a gorgeous style when attending a formal event, or for casual wear. $1,595.00.

Just stop it with these heels, seriously. Not only are they red bottoms; they have hand-set red rhinestones up the heel breast, pitch, and seat of the shoe. So the entire undercarriage minus the sole. It’s absolutely stunning. Again, more of a work of art than footwear. These Loubi’s have a shallow vamp and v-cuts near the ankle, making them incredibly sexy both on and off the foot. Buyers can choose from two different colors, iridescent red patent calf leather, and iridescent black patent calf leather. With a 3.9″ heel, these heels cost $2,595.00.

For those who are not aware, strass means rhinestone. True to its name, the Rosalie Strass is full of them. This creative design combines simple, graceful lines using a thin strap. Starting as a slingback, it continues to curve around and gently wraps around the foot. The Rosalie Strass also has a tonal lining, giving the appearance of a jeweled strap caressing the top of the foot. Standing 3.9″ high, this heel costs $1,395.00.

If you have ever seen the lipstick from Louboutin, you know it is heel shaped. A very clever idea from the Maison. The Lipchick Pump takes it a step further by using it as a heel. No, the signature red lipstick isn’t actually in there. This 3.9″ heel has v-cuts near the ankle and a semi-shallow vamp. Available in purple calf patent leather and black calf patent leather. One just as elegant as the other. $1,095.00.

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Wow. At a towering 3.9″ these calf suede over the knee boots are beautiful. Seamless and clean with a signature red lipstick inspired heel. They are pull on boots, and cannot really be compared to any other Loubi boots. They have a unique silhouette that is truly all their own. $2,095.00

The Lipqueen Ankle Strap Heel is a highly-acclaimed and timeless beauty. This particular style of shoe dates back to the 1960s. The single band across the toe has a delicate topstitch; as does the sling back ankle strap. They are made of black patent calf leather and sport a signature red Loubi lipstick inspired heel. $1,095.00. Ankle strap heels are a class act; you can’t go wrong.

Disco is a word that just breeds fun. Boisterous, fun, and these heels are just that. They are delightful and sophisticated. Standing at 3.9″, it is studded with art-deco jewels over the toe and around the ankle. There are two colors, silver glitter suede, and, black calf suede. Both, of course, with red-bottoms. What makes these even more amazing is that you can wear them to a party, with jeans, or an event. $1,995.00.

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These peep toe mules were inspired by Dolly Parton. In 2019, Christian Louboutin made his first ever trip to Nashville and had dinner with the country music mogul herself. Dolly loves her fringe, sparkles, and even moreso, her heels. Me Dolly Strass is made of gold suede, matching the tonal rhinestones that adorn them. The heel is 3.9″ and has a beautiful gold mirror effect. $1,695.00.

The Kate [named after Kate Moss] is part of the Loubi Iconic look. The Kate pump made its first debut in 2012. Shortly afterward, in 2013, her higher sister So Kate was introduced. Since then both shoes have been re-made over the years and designed into undated versions of themselves. The So Kate Booty is no different. These first arrived in black and now, purple with starlight lurex. Be still my heart.

Lurex is a trademarked yarn that has a metallic appearance. You can see that in the stunning iridescent hue these boots hold. The purple suede underneath gives the appearance of purple glitter. They stand 3.9″ tall and are suitable for just about every occasion. $1,095.00

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