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This season of Bachelor in Paradise has its ups and downs, just like any season. There is love, hook-ups, heartbreak, and a lot of crying.

The more dramatic contestants get the most screen time. This year, one of the most drama-filled women on the beach is Genevieve Parisi. Genevieve was one of the first to arrive in paradise, and has remained on the beach for the entire season so far. She began the trip with a short romance with Justin Glaze, but ended things with him to be with Aaron Clancy.

Genevieve and Aaron’s relationship began with drama because he saw her kiss Justin right after she returned from her date with Aaron. After that, the couple became a mainstay on the beach, but they tend to have heated arguments and a lot of crying.

Then there is Johnny Bananas. It seems that there was a spark between Genevieve and the MTV star.

8/8 Who Is Johnny Bananas?

Johnny Devenanzio is one of the most infamous and long-running contestants on MTV’s The Challenge. He has competed in 20 seasons and won many of them. He accumulated over $1 million from all of his wins, and caused plenty of chaos along the way. He has also been in numerous commercials.

Johnny is also known for his stunts. He became “Johnny Bananas” when he reenacted a scene from Beverly Hills Cop, and shoved bananas into the tailpipe of a car.

A kinder side of Johnny Bananas was seen in 2022 when he traveled to Ukraine on an aid mission.

7/8 Who Is Genevieve Parisi?

Genevieve Parisi stepped out of the limo on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. She became more well known for her feud with villain Shanae Ankney than for dating The Bachelor. Genevieve chose to leave the show in week seven after being unable to open up on a group therapy date.

Before reality TV, she was a bartender living in Los Angeles. She has since become an influencer.

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6/8 Did Genevieve Parisi And Johnny Bananas Hook Up?

On The Bachelor Party podcast, host Juliet Litman said, “I heard something about Genevieve. Genevieve has hooked up with our colleague, Jonathan Bananas.” Radar Online said that the two had met years ago, before Parisi was even on The Bachelor. They said that the two had rekindled after she left Clayton’s season, and they kept in touch.

It looks like it wasn’t much more than a hook-up and Genevieve went on Bachelor in Paradise because she was looking to find love.

5/8 Do Genevieve Parisi And Aaron Clancy End Up Together?

Genevieve and Aaron have been together a “long time” in Bachelor in Paradise world. But can this relationship make it in the outside world? Can it even make it in the BIP world?

It looks like the answer is no. This couple tends to fight often, with Genevieve almost walking away from Aaron and BIP after one of their more heated arguments. According to Reality Steve, they make it to the final six couples, but break up before the finale. Aaron broke up with Genevieve before Fantasy Suites because she always tried to leave when they had a fight. But she stayed, and they both said to each other that they were falling in love.

It still didn’t last.

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4/8 Is Johnny Bananas In A Relationship?

Johnny Bananas met Morgan Willett when the competed on The Challenge together in 2018. After two years together, Willett confirmed their split to E! News, “I’ve always tried my best to be an open book and after seeing everything circulate over the internet, I felt like I should let you all know that Johnny and I are no longer together.

After that, Morgan revealed on social media that she was “sad and very betrayed”, and said that the split was caused by Johnny’s infidelity.

In February 2022, Bananas quickly shut down rumors that he was dating co-star Natalie Negrotti. He has not been linked with anyone since then.

Aaron and Genevieve’s break-up may be as drama-filled as their relationship. Genevieve commented on an Instagram post that seemed to praise Aaron, “Creating drama from nothing, at someone else’s expense who actually has a heart and isn’t ‘playing a game,’ shouldn’t be praised,” she wrote. “That’s sad.”

Before that, Aaron posted after the episode aired with their fight, “Guys truly not the convo at all,” he tweeted. “Like, 40 hours of filming a week condensed into four hours. You see such a small part!”

Genevieve shot back, “Nothing relevant to the argument was cut out,” she wrote. “What you saw is what happened.”

2/8 Will Johnny Bananas Make An Appearance On Bachelor In Paradise?

It was recently revealed that the MTV star was in talks to make a cameo on Bachelor in Paradise.

One rumor was that he would pop up on the beach to make trouble between Aaron and Genevieve. That apparently did not work out with his schedule.

Another idea that was supposedly pitched was for Bananas to show up at the BIP reunion. But it looks like scheduling conflicts did not allow that either.

It looks like Johnny will not appear on Paradise, but you never know what surprises could be in store.

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1/8 Which Bachelor In Paradise Couples Make It?

Reality Steve revealed which couples get engaged and which do not.

Fan favorites Brandon Jones and Serene Russell get engaged and everyone is thrilled for them.

Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller also leave Paradise engaged but sadly, it doesn’t last long. The couple is said to have broken up in September.

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby leave the beach as a couple but no engagement. They are still together.

Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin leave Mexico together, but this relationship also didn’t last.

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