Image of Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow smiling next to each other.

Sydney Sweeney may have had some social issues in high school, but there’s no doubt she’s the “It Girl” nowadays.

The Euphoria and White Lotus star is easily becoming one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. With the amount of attention she’s receiving, she’s likely experiencing a lot of “hangers-on” eager to get just a smidgen of her success. Fortunately, Sydney appears to have made authentic connections with some rather famous individuals. Here’s who Sydney Sweeney is friends with…

10/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Friendship With Halsey

Yes, Sydney Sweeney and Halsey are actually friends. According to People, the pair met on the set of Halsey’s music video “Graveyard” and became exceedingly close. This is something Sydney must have been thrilled about given that she was a fan of the musical artist when she was in high school.

Sydney and Halsey have also sparked dating rumors, mostly because of their scandalous photoshoots together. But Sydney has been with her secret partner Jonathan Davino for many years.

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The Euphoria star also convinced the singer-songwriter to take a role in the possibly canceled television show, The Player’s Table. The series, which is being developed by Sydney’s production company, Fifty-Fifty, is an adaptation of Jessica Goodman’s “They Wish They Were Us”.

While the project appears to have stalled after the tragic passing of producer Jean-Marc Vallée, Cheatsheet claims it’s still in development.

In any case, Sydney will be appearing with her “bestie” in the upcoming film, National Anthem.

9/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Friendship With Alexandra Daddario

Sydney Sweeney and Alexandra Daddario’s friendship blossomed on the set of the first season of The White Lotus. While Sydney loved to dress down Alexandra on-screen, it’s clear that their off-screen relationship is far more positive. According to Just Jared, Sydney and Alexandra spent some time together while filming the HBO show in Hawaii. This includes going hiking and swimming alongside their co-star Molly Shannon.

In November 2022, Alexandra toasted Sydney at the GQ Men of the Year event calling her “an incredible talent”. She also detailed personal experiences with Sydney, including how they rescued a dog while on a road trip.

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“[Sydney is] so funny, so cool, so down to earth,” Alexandra Daddario gushed during her speech. “I’m so proud of her, she’s like a perfect package of everything and her work on Euphoria is incredible.”

8/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Is Besties With Maude Apatow

Sydney Sweeney has described her Euphoria co-star and on-screen sister, Maude Apatow, as her “ride or die”. She also told People that Maude is the sister she always wished she had. There’s no question, these two women are exceptionally close.

Perhaps no one is featured more prominently on Sydney’s Instagram than Maude. The pair are often seen holding hands on the red carpet and hanging out together off-set.

The pair met on the set of Euphoria and became fast friends, leaning on each other for support, particularly during challenging days.

“Having a stressful day and knowing we have each other afterward, or if anything goes wrong we can just talk to each other afterward which is really nice,” Maude explained during an interview with People.

In the same interview, Sydney added, “Also I feel so much better knowing that I can just call you and be like ‘Maude is this normal?’”.

7/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Relationship With Machine Gun Kelly

Despite relationship rumors, Sydney Sweeney never had a thing with Machine Gun Kelly. In fact, she has sworn never to date anyone famous. Not to mention the fact she’s been secretly dating ( and maybe engaged to) the same guy for years. But there is truth to the pair having a strong connection.

The pair first met on the set of Pete Davidson’s 2018 film, Big Time Adolescence, and remained fairly close ever since. So close that MGK (AKA Colson Baker) hired Sydney to star in his musical film Downfalls High. Sydney is also somewhat friendly with MGK’s partner, Megan Fox, as the two co-starred in a movie together in 2021.

6/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Relationship With Lili Reinhart

Sydney Sweeney and Lili Reinhart are two of the most desirable blondes on TV, so it’s fitting that they’re friends. While we don’t know how close they are, we do know that Lili is quick to comment on many of Sydney’s Instagram pics. Most of the time, Lili is praising Sydney’s style and beauty… totally understandable.

The pair could’ve met through mutual friend Cami Mendes or through their mutual makeup artist.

5/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Friendship With Molly Dickson

In a comment to the above image of Sydney Sweeney, Molly Dickson, and a bunch of friends at Fright Nights, the acclaimed fashion stylist wrote “love our fam!”.

Aside from Molly consistently collaborating with Sydney on her various red-carpet looks and her photoshoots, it appears the two women are notably close.

4/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Relationship With Lukas Gage

Lukas Gage is a man about town. He is friends with numerous female celebrities, including his Euphoria co-star Maude Apatow (who he was rumored to have dated). But the truth is, Lukas keeps his romantic life under lock and key. He’s never even come out and said who he’s interested in. But, he does have a ton of friends.

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One of these friends is Sydney Sweeney, with whom he co-starred in both Euphoria and The White Lotus. The pair have been spotted partying together at music festivals as well as going on adventures in Hawaii where they shot The White Lotus. Lukas is also very open about his friendship with Sydney, commenting on many of her Instagram photos.

3/10 Is Sydney Sweeney Friends With Vanessa Hudgens?

The extent of Sydney Sweeney’s friendship with Vanessa Hudgens is, at the time of this writing, unknown. Fans first started to speculate about their friendship when Vanessa played Sydney’s Euphoria character, Cassie, in a sketch at the MTV Awards. The pair were also spotted cozying up on the red carpet, appearing quite familiar with one another. Vanessa is also one of Sydney’s loudest supporters on Instagram. Beyond that, we’re unsure if they’re much closer.

2/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Friendship With Cami Mendes

Not only is Sydney Sweeney friends with Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart (AKA Betty), but she’s also close with Veronica too. Camila Mendes and Sydney Sweeney love commenting on each other’s Instagram posts but their relationship goes far beyond that. Firstly, they were both part of the Armani Beauty campaign, alongside Sydney’s Euphoria co-star and best friend, Maude Apatow.

Through this collaboration, the pair became quite close. The two beauties are constantly commenting on each other’s posts as well as have been spotted together socializing at Hollywood events.

1/10 Sydney Sweeney’s Friendship With Makeup Artist Melissa Hernandez

You may not know Melissa Hernandez but over 100 thousand Instagram followers do. This is because Melissa is not only Sydney’s personal makeup stylist, but she also works with many other stars, including Lili Reinhart, Lana Condor, and Dove Cameron. But she’s particularly close with Sydney and is responsible for some of the Euphoria star’s most iconic photoshoot looks.

But Sydney’s relationship with Melissa is far more than a working partnership. According to Sydney’s Instagram, the pair are exceedingly close. They travel together, dine together, and constantly share laughs.

Sydney also has a close friendship with her hair stylist, Florido Basallo, who has over 150 thousand followers on Instagram. He’s worked on some of the biggest celebrities in the world, including Justin and Hailey Bieber.

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