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Reselling and shopping second-hand for clothing has become extremely popular in recent years, with platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and Ebay, it’s easier than ever to shop your favorite brands at cheaper prices while being more conscious about your shopping habits and their impact. While there are thousands of resellers nowadays, few people are aware that many celebrities actually resell their own clothing as well, with some even starting their own reselling sites.

Have you ever wanted to own one of your favorite social media mogul’s dresses or purchase an outfit from an actor’s closet to help charity? These eight celebs resell online as a side gig, a way to connect with their fans, or for charitable purposes.

8 The Kardashians

One thing the Kardashians and Jenners seem to be equally passionate about is their love of fashion, having opened numerous clothing boutiques and showing off some of the most lavish and extreme looks at events over the years. In 2019, the family decided to launch a reselling website of their own – Kardashian Kloset. The shop is run by Cynthia Bussey, the first cousin of Robert Kardashian Sr. and is a place for both fans and fashion lovers to buy pieces straight out of the family’s closet with different collections from each member and options for women, men, and kids.

While they’ve faced some backlash for the extreme prices on their clothing, particularly some weird items like lingerie, and whether the family needs to have a reselling platform, Kardashian Kloset is another business venture that has proved successful for the reality stars.

7 DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has a long list of titles to his name, including DJ, record producer, and rapper, but he’s also been known to sell his clothes on the reseller platform Poshmark. In the past proceeds for outfits from his most iconic album covers, award shows, and music videos, have gone to his nonprofit organization, We The Best Foundation and Get Schooled.

His wife Nicole also sells some of her own clothing on the website from some of the most luxurious brands.

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6 Trisha Paytas

One of the most famous and often notorious YouTubers, Trisha Paytas has been on the media platform for over fifteen years – marking her career as one of the longest on YouTube. We’ve seen her many ups and downs and her personal growth, with her recently starting a family and sharing the journey with her audience. Her flashy personality and unflinching ability to be herself and say whatever she wants, even if it lands her in trouble, is one of her personality traits that her fans admire.

A few years ago her mother, who is often seen in her videos, started running a Poshmark closet for her under the name trishp88. Both personal clothing and clothing featured in Paytas’s music videos and other projects can be purchased on the platform.

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5 Tana Mongeau

Another YouTuber who has had quite a journey on the platform, Tana Mongeau became famous with story time videos and her wild personality. She’s not afraid to make a statement or stir up trouble, but it’s proven worthwhile as she became one of the most subscribed content creators on YouTube in just a few years.

Mongeau sells her clothing on the platform Depop, which is targeted towards young adults and teenagers. Her closet, shoptanamongeau, features a mixture of mall brands with designer pieces. Having already sold over one thousand items, her closet is full of pieces that her viewers can score.

4 Bella & Dani Thorne

Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne has tried to enter many different business ventures over the years, but lately she’s been teaming up with her sister, Dani Thorne, on multiple projects that include a live radio show titled Twisted Sisters and a shared Depop closet under the username bellaanddaniscloset.

The shop is filled with colorful and trendy gently used pieces from the pair’s personal closets at affordable prices for their teenage and young adult audiences. Both sisters have a passion for fashion and have created their own clothing lines in the past, with Dani having a particular interest as she’s designed and crafted clothes since she was fifteen, so it comes as no surprise they would want to venture into the reselling industry.

3 Dita Von Teese

Regarded as the “Queen of Burlesque,” Dita Von Teese’s career as a burlesque performer, model, and businesswoman has been revolutionary, credited with bringing back the popularity of the performance of burlesque. She’s dazzled audiences with some of the most lavish and exciting costume pieces and expertly crafted lingerie over the years.

It seems Von Teese decided to share the wealth with her fans, as she has a Depop under her name with over seven thousand sales. On the platform, she sells luxury jewelry pieces from her campaign photo shoots, vintage clothing, and signed prints.

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2 Brittany Furlan

Once famous for her comedic videos on the video platform Vine, Brittany Furlan is now famous for her TikToks sharing her experiences and relationship with husband Tommy Lee, drummer of Mötley Crüe. The social media star is also known for the love she has for her dogs, which often make appearances in her videos. In fact, her passion for dogs is the reason behind why she sells her clothing on Poshmark.

Selling items anywhere from fast fashion prices to expensive designer pieces and a few home goods in between, Furlan’s bio on the platform indicates she’s selling her gently used items to help the puppies. With over one thousand sales on the platform, she’s clearly put in the work.

1 Olivia Rodrigo

While this mega pop star and actress hasn’t sold anything lately, Olivia Rodrigo has used Depop to donate to charities by selling both her personal clothing and items from her music videos. Her shop has been titled SOURshop after her debut album Sour. She was one of the first celebs to start selling clothing from her music videos on the platform, starting a trend that has quickly picked up speed.

Not only could fans pick up a coveted piece from one of her videos like for the song “good 4 u”, but all the pieces were extremely affordable for her younger fans. We’ll see if Rodrigo continues this secondhand trend with future work and drops another collection of pieces.

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