This Bollywood Star Had The Perfect Response For Every Awkward Joke Made By David Letterman
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  • David Letterman had many awkward moments on the Late Show, including walking out of an interview with Joan Rivers and making jokes about Aishwarya Rai’s living situation.
  • Aishwarya Rai handled Letterman’s awkwardness with class, shutting down his jokes and responding confidently.
  • Rai made bold career decisions, including turning down a role alongside Brad Pitt in Troy, due to her commitment to her existing projects and her dislike for the shooting style.

He enjoyed lots off success on the Late Show, however, there were some peculiar moments from time to time for David Letterman. Who can forget David Letterman walking out of his interview with the late Joan Rivers, or the time he took shots at the late John McCain after getting snubbed an interview by the politician.

In truth, there were many other awkward moments and in the following, we’re going to look back at some of those. In addition, we’ll turn the clock back to Letterman’s interview with Bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai. Letterman was his usual self during the interview, questioning her cultural norms. However, the actress wasn’t having it, firing back at Dave with witty responses throughout the interview.

Let’s take a look at what went down.

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It Was Far From David Letterman’s Only Awkward Moment On The Late Show

The Things

Throughout the history of the Late Show, David Letterman has been in various awkward moments with guests. Of course, Letterman’s interview with Paris Hilton instantly comes to mind, but there was so much more. Who can forget when Letterman put Jennifer Aniston’s hair in his mouth… or the time that he was persistent on finding out details related to her personal life. He kept asking the Friends star if she was in a relationship with Vince Vaughn at the time, despite Aniston wanting to move on to another question.

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Letterman also showed a lack of interest with certain guests in the past. The host basically spoke to Paul Shaffer during the final minutes of his interview with Marilyn Manson. It would appear as though Letterman ran out of questions for Manson, and wanted to shift his focus elsewhere, talking to Shaffer to pass the time…

Aishwarya Rai was yet another example but to her credit, she handled every awkward moment with class, and it seems like Letterman’s punchlines weren’t enough to tame the Bollywood star.

Aishwarya Rai Silenced David Letterman After He Joked About Her Still Living With Her Parents

Looking back, the moment was viewed as disrespectful and an insult to the culture in India. David Letterman had some ‘witty’ jokes throughout his interview with Aishwarya Rai. However, the guest wasn’t having it and always had the perfect response. One moment in particular saw Letterman question the fact that Rai was still living with her parents. It might’ve been viewed as a jab towards her culture, but star had the perfect response for Letterman.

She said, “It’s fine to live with your parents, because It’s also common in India, we don’t have to take appointments from the parents to meet for dinner.”

The interview can be seen below posted by Maple 1255 on YouTube.

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The interview was a significant one as traces of fan reactions can be found on Twitter. In addition, fans had a lot to say about the moment over in the comments section on YouTube.

One fan writes, “She rocked this interview. She carried herself so well even in the awkward moments.” Another fan writes, “

Old guy messed up with the wrong one. He must be regretting his whole existence.”

“He deserved it, Letterman is most of the time disrespectful to his guests.”

Clearly, fans weren’t impressed with Letterman’s questioning during the interview and had lots of praise for the way Rai handled it all.

Aishwarya Rai Made Other Bold Moves During Her Career Like Turning Down Work With Brad Pitt

Aishwarya Rai

Rai made some big decisions throughout her career. Among them, was turning down a huge film alongside Brad Pitt back in 2004, Troy. The war/drama enjoyed major success, while it also enjoyed huge numbers at the box office bringing in close to $500 million.

Aishwarya Rai received several offers to appear in Hollywood films throughout her career, but she was never a fan of the shooting style, which required an actor to be committed to the film for months, while being locked away from others. For this reason, the actress turned down the potential of working with Pitt in Troy.

She revealed, “When Troy was spoken about, forget on the script level, they were saying at least 6-9 months to lock off (the schedule) because it is a huge film. We were like ‘wow.’ But obviously, we have a way of looking at it like – this is your part…(expressing that her part was not big enough) lock off that kind of time when I had films here I was committed to, I couldn’t get myself to kick that to the kerb.”

She continues with Indian Express, “You understand the impact of the cinema (Troy). It is exciting because these are huge offers.”

Clearly, Rai always did things her way and what she thought was best. It worked out in her favor as she enjoyed lots of success overseas, while accumulating a net worth of $100 million.

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