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The Star Wars franchise has seen a lot of ups and downs since its inception. Although, many would argue that the majority of the ‘downs’ have occurred ever since George Lucas sold his baby to Disney. Although that may be giving the prequel trilogy too much credit.

But Disney+’s 2022 series Andor is not a disappointment. In fact, many critics have called it a triumph. While Diego Luna may have initially felt weird about reprising his Rogue One character for the series that centers around the rebellion against the Empire, there’s no doubt he’s thrilled he did. During an interview with Vulture, Luna shed light on his feelings about the series as well as pulled the curtain back on what it was really trying to say about the world.

What Does Diego Luna Think Of Andor?

During his interview with Vulture, Andor star Diego Luna revealed what he really thinks about his Star Wars series on Disney+.

“I’m very, very proud of what we’ve done, but I try not to think too much about that — even though with Star Wars, everyone reminds you of the fan base, the number of people and attention, the expectation. That can confuse you; that can mislead you,” Diego Luna admitted to Vulture.

From the beginning, Diego Luna and the series showrunner, Tony Gilroy, were committed to what they felt Andor was all about. That meant fan expectations, Disney requirements, Star Wars lore, or any other external element couldn’t get in the way of their creative mission.

“To me, it was important to stay aware of what kind of show Tony and I wanted to do, what kind of show we spoke about doing the first time we chatted,” Luna continued. “We were always reminding ourselves this has to feel like it’s happening. Forget you are in a galaxy far, far away: This should feel as close as home does — as if you were sneaking into the life of your neighbors.”

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Of course, the incredible response from critics and fans has been a joy for Luna.

“Reading the reactions, people are celebrating the show for the same reasons I wanted to do it: ‘The most grounded, realistic Star Wars show.’ More mature, more complex. We were always saying, ‘Let’s go deep. Make sure we stay in those gray areas where characters are trying to be the best version of themselves. Let’s be honest about who they are.’ I mean, when we talk about the audience of Star Wars, we are talking about my father and my son. And I am part of the audience, too; I wanted to be part of a show I would like to see. There’s a big chunk of the audience out there that wants to see this. We’re not alone.”

While the viewership for the first season of Andor was slower than expected, the response from those who have seen it appears to prove Diego Luna’s point. Audiences were very much ready for an adult Star Wars project.

What Is Andor Really Supposed To Be About?

There have been more than a few pieces written about the connection between Andor and modern-day political strife. Of course, every publication seems to have a different interpretation, clearly pouring its own politics into the series.

In November 2022, Vulture interviewed showrunner Tony Gilroy about the connections between events in the show and real life. Specifically, the journalist called attention to similarities between Andor’s Public Order Resetencing Directive and the Patriot Act as well as apparent homages to the situation at Guantanomo Bay.

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In response, Tony Gilroy shed light on just how wide a net one could cast to find real-life political references in Andor.

“You could point at [those examples], but there’s 3,000 years of recorded history too,” Tony Gilroy said.

“You can go to the Montagnards, you can go to the Urgun, you can go to the African National Congress, you can go back to the Roman revolution. Changing people’s sentences, fascism, oppression — you can pull everything. Some things are more germane for what we’re doing now, for the second half, but watching revolutions come together and watching political factions within them, there’s a universal truth: There’s almost never just one forward motion. There are all kinds of people moving in different directions. These are universal concepts.”

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Based on what Tony Gilroy said, it’s clear that Andor is about revolution as a broader concept and not about one specific example.

Diego Luna further expanded on this notion during his November 2022 interview with Vulture.

“We’re telling the story of the awakening of a revolution,” Luna said. “If you wanted to avoid [politics], there wouldn’t be a show.’

Luna explained that the broadness of the theme means that Andor can be referencing anything an audience member wants it to reference. In short, what Andor is really about is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, it’s completely universal.

“Clearly, the show talks about oppression. The show talks about the context needed for a revolution to be born. That is always going to resonate because the need for change is constant for humanity. That’s the beauty of fiction. It’s a great tool to comment on your life and your reality,” Luna explained.

“In the first episodes, Cassian talks about the Empire, how ‘fat and satisfied’ they are. Everyone listening to that dialogue puts a face on the character Cassian is describing. Everyone can. No matter how far away you are from what you’re seeing on the screen, it always talks about you. For me, this story is saying a lot of what worries me and what I care about.”

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