TikTok star, Jory (@alluringskull) started her TikTok account to embrace her truest self, but she’s the first to admit that total acceptance is a journey.

We sat down with the Trans activist once again, to hear what she’d tell anyone in her fanbase who might not be entirely comfortable with their own identities, just yet.

Plus, she opens up about the highs and lows she’s experienced as a content creator.

Jory Opens Up About Her Experience With Gender Dysphoria

Asked to expand a little on her early days as a content creator, Jory shares that, back in 2017, she was in the midst of some serious inner turmoil.

“I was trying so hard to deny my gender dysphoria. In my mind, I thought that if I worked out every day, and got heavily tattooed, that I would finally be comfortable as a man. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.”

Ultimately, as she’s previously told TheThings, after being told to change herself one time too many, Jory took the plunge to start a TikTok ‘Finsta.’

However, what was once a personal outlet has grown to something even she couldn’t have imagined – and today, her greatest passion is sending anyone struggling with their identity a clear message.

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That is, one of love and acceptance.

Oh, she adds, chuckle in tow, “And Trans people are cool and hot, and you should give them your money (in a based, anti-capitalist slay sort of way.)”

The Journey Hasn’t Always Been An Easy One

Here’s the thing: even though Jory loves being a beacon to anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community needing one, there have been some challenges along the way.

For starters, she explains, “The lows are f***ing terrifying.”

“Having my job doxxed in the past, my home address leaked on the internet and having to move, receiving messages and stitches from groups of people who don’t want me to exist, simply because I am different from them … it’s an isolating experience. It can put you in a head space where you feel that the good should outweigh the bad – but it doesn’t.”

“It puts you in a continuous state of confusion,” she continues, “because you feel guilty about having a platform and allowing the negativity to get to you, instead of appreciating everything.”

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Even with those devastating lows, though, Jory shares that there’s nothing quite like the highs.

“The highs are meeting people who watch your content out in the wild. Seeing their eyes light up, and sometimes fill with tears as they explain the significance of seeing you on their screens. Hearing their stories and hugging. Humans connecting through some silly little videos that I made on my silly little phone, and knowing that I’ve been able to turn my interests and passions into something that has an impact on a scale that I don’t think I’ll ever truly grasp.”

Jory’s Advice To Anyone Struggling With Their Identity

So, in light of all the highs and lows she’s faced, what would Jory say to a fan needing some words of wisdom?

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For starters, she urges, it’s more important to live in one’s truth than it is to be liked by everyone.

“As appealing as it may sound to be liked by everyone, the cost is that you push people away that actually love you, for you. Being yourself will cost you mass appeal, but it draws those in who actually align with you.”

Tough as it may sound, Jory is speaking from experience.

“As somebody who spent years being the version of myself that I thought people wanted me to be, the second I let that go was the moment that everyone who celebrates me showed up.”

With that in mind, we couldn’t help but ask: what would Jory tell her younger self, given the chance?

“Girl,” she says, concluding our chat, “The closet is made out of plastic wrap – and it’s not going to get easier until you learn to accept that.”

We couldn’t be more grateful that, through all the ups and downs, Jory is bringing us along for the ride.

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