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Living in LA might sound glamorous, however, time and time again, we’re hearing about celebs leaving the area, and starting fresh elsewhere. Living in LA comes with a lot of pressure, especially from the media who typically watches the high profile celebs and their every move.

Kevin Spacey decided to leave the area following his controversy, and moved off the map to a secret home in Baltimore. Ariel Winter is another example of a star residing elsewhere, deciding to leave LA and live life off the map, without the pressure of the media.

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Tom Selleck doesn’t have to work extra days, given his net worth of $45 million. He decided to leave Magnum P.I. during the ’80s, opting for a quieter life.

We’ll take a look at why the actor decided to move off the map, and what he appreciates most these about living on his California ranch. In addition, we’ll also take a look at other stars that decided to do the same, living life in calmer areas outside of Hollywood.

Tom Selleck Quit Magnum P.I. And Wanted To Live A Quieter Life

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Back in 1980, Tom Selleck made a name for himself on Magnum P.I., starring on the show for eight seasons, up until 1988. However, he would end up leaving the show, wanting to live a calm life away from the spotlight.

“I quit Magnum, not because I didn’t like it or I was tired of it,” he explains. “I was tired from it. And I wanted a three-dimensional life because I didn’t have one,” Selleck revealed with People.

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At the time, Selleck decided to take a hiatus away from Hollywood. This would last over a year, given that the actor didn’t like what was being presented. Despite rumors and articles, Selleck decided to stay put.

“I put up with the articles that said he’s disappeared, he’s done. And you do get done, I’m well aware of that. It was a big lull, but it put a lot of things in perspective.”

Selleck enjoyed his time off, especially given that he was, and still is, living life off the map on his ranch away from the media.

Tom Selleck Reveals That His Ranch Helps To Keep Him Sane, Especially Given His Stardom

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Despite his fame, Selleck has managed to keep his personal life very quiet. The actor also is a family man. He told People, “I’m a fairly private person. And I’ve always treasured the balance between work and time with my family. It’s always about them.”

Selleck would also reveal in the same interview, that his ranch serves as a calming area, away from the chaos and madness that is Hollywood.

“My relationships and my ranch keep me sane. I do grunt work and I make the rounds. I like watching things grow. It’s a retreat.”

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Selleck would go on to reveal that he knew what to expect when entering the life of an actor. However, he admitted that the experience was a different one when fame really hit.

“I knew intellectually what it would mean in terms of being a public person, but until you’ve lived it, there’s no way to understand it,” says Selleck. “I had a feeling of, ‘I don’t think I’m cut out for this.”

Selleck is enjoying his private life but in truth, he’s far from the only celeb to move off the map.

Tom Selleck If Far From The Only Celeb To Leave Hollywood For A Quieter Life Off The Map

Not all celebs are cut out for the Hollywood life, though some took it to the extreme. Steve Seagal moved off the map to Arizona, purchasing a bulletproof mansion…

Jesse James’ situation was less extreme, as the reality TV star moved to Texas following his split from Sandra Bullock. Matthew McConaughey is another star that moved to Texas with his family and never looked back.

Texas seems to be a popular destination, as Entourage star Adrian Grenier would also make the move, and it turned into a permanent one.

“I bought a place in Austin five years ago, and a year ago I decided to move here permanently,” he told People. “I had friends here, I ran a business here, and liked the pace. Austin is cosmopolitan without being snooty; it’s earthy. People are smart and successful but they don’t flaunt it. There is nothing to prove, people accept you and it felt good right away.”

Without a doubt, that trend will continue to take place, as celebs continue to seek privacy over anything else.

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