What Is Paige Lorenze Actually Famous For Aside From Dating Morgan Wallen, Tommy Paul And Armie Hammer_

Paige Lorenze has had her name in the media on multiple occasions. But rather than focusing on her achievements, people seem more interested in her relationships. She has been linked to several high-profile celebrities, including Morgan Wallen, Tommy Paul, and Armie Hammer.

But what do you actually know about her, apart from her love life? Here’s the truth about the life of Paige Lorenze and how she became famous…

Who Is Paige Lorenze And What Does She Do?

One of Paige Lorenze’s first high-profile relationships was with actor Armie Hammer, and at the time, many publications had referred to her as a “college student.” The Sun reports that in 2021 she graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York City.

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She is also known for being a model, and according to The Sun, she has worked with several well-known brands, including Revlon and Pacsun. Or, if you refer to her social media bio, it reads: “skier, creator, thrifter, horse girl and founder of Dairy Boy.” So it would seem she is a woman of many talents.

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But what is Dairy Boy? It appears to be a celebration of her time in Vermont, with the website stating: “After I quit skiing and left the mountains, I moved to New York and thought I had to recreate myself – be someone else, someone new. Well, here’s a reminder you don’t! It’s cool to be who you are. It’s cool to be proud of where you’re from, even if it’s the middle of nowhere…” You can purchase hoodies, beanies, totes, jackets, hats, etc.

Why Is Paige Lorenze’s Relationship History Overshadowing Her Career?

Paige Lorenze has been linked to some very famous men, including Morgan Wallen, Tommy Paul, and Armie Hammer. If reports are to be believed, then some of these relationships have not ended well…let’s start with Armie Hammer.

Armie Hammer Paige Lorenze
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The former couple is believed to have had a short-lived romance in 2020 that ended when Lorenze broke up with him via text. She told Vanity Fair (via People) that she chose to text him rather than do the breakup in person “because you never know what you’re going to get with him — he’s kind of a scary person.”

She also told the publication that Hammer “started making rules for me of things I could and couldn’t do. He told me that I couldn’t have anyone else in my bed,” Lorenze said. “And then I just started to feel really unsafe and really sick to my stomach about things. I was also emotionally dependent on him.”

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Armie Hammer has been the subject of many headlines because of his alleged kinks and how he has treated some of the women he has been involved with. Paige Lorenze has been vocal about their time together, including revealing some very personal details. She told Page Six that he had cut her with a knife, saying, “I kind of sat back and let it happen. I didn’t really know what to do or say… As sad as that is, I wanted him to like me and feel like I was down for what he wanted.”

He also allegedly marked her body with bruises, which she explained he was not ashamed of and wanted her to show them off. “I think it was a part of marking and branding,” she said.

Morgan Wallen and Paige Lorenze embracing and on the red carpet
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Lorenze’s love life made headlines again in 2022 when it was reported that she and Morgan Wallen had broken up. The reason? His alleged infidelity. According to Page Six, the former couple had been together for almost a year at the time of the breakup.

“She suspected he was cheating on her with multiple people,” a source revealed to them. “After they went public, Paige started getting all these messages on Instagram from girls saying, ‘I was with him. We slept together.'” Lorenze was reportedly “heartbroken,” over what happened, and the pair later unfollowed each other on social media.

She has also been linked to Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron. Their split was amicable, and Lorenze gave a statement Page Six, saying, “Yes, I am single. There wasn’t a dramatic split or any bad blood between us.” As for the reason things ended? This was apparently because they were based in different states, and she was focusing on her career.

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“I’ve always made such large life adjustments for my partners in the past, but for right now, focusing on me is where I am at,” Lorenze explained. “It feels good to finally be comfortable with being selfish and putting myself and my future first.”

Although in September 2022, she commented about Cameron on Sofia Franklyn’s Sofia with an F podcast (via People), saying she felt he used her for attention. “This might sound narcissistic, because he has a pretty insane following, but I felt like he was using me,” she said. “I don’t know, I felt like he wanted some media storm. He was looking at my story views, and I was getting more story views than him, and he… literally, word-for-word said, ‘I need a scandal,’ like joking.”

Does Paige Lorenze Have A Boyfriend?

The most recent relationship Paige Lorenze has made headlines for is with tennis pro, Tommy Paul. They are believed to have been in a relationship since 2022, and Lorenze has been seen supporting her man at the Australian Open. The pair were photographed embracing after his win against American Ben Shelton in January 2023.

Paige Lorenze and Tyler Cameron side by side images
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The couple occasionally posts tributes to each other on social media but has not given many interviews about their relationship. However, Paul did provide a glimpse into their coupling during a post-match interview (Via SportsKeeda) after losing his match to Alex de Minaur during the 2023 Mexican Open in Acapulco.

“My team – Brad, Seba, Paige. You guys went through it with me this week. And no one really knows how much we had to do to get ready for this match,” he said. “I had my girlfriend and my trainer blow drying my underwear this morning, trying to get me ready.”

The fact that Paige Lorenze is there for him in his time of need, or, in this case, to assist in his underwear blow-drying, says a lot about her dedication to Paul as her partner. Could this be the man she ends up with?

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