Actress Lucy Liu is pretty famous, but there are more than just a few things that her fans might not be aware of. For example, Bill Murray once stopped her to let her know that he did not think that she knew how to act when they were filming Charlie’s Angels.

Furthermore, some of her fans might not know that Lucy Liu is currently single. However, that does not mean that she is looking for a husband, despite the fact that her fans are obsessed with that topic. But it turns out that there is actually much more to the star than that. She is a very interesting woman, and even some of her biggest fans might find that they still have a lot to learn about Lucy Liu. The star has had quite an interesting life, both personally and professionally, and there is a lot one can learn about her.

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10/10 Lucy Liu Is A Polyglot

Learning another language is a very hard thing to do, and it is even harder to become fluent in that language. Nevertheless, there are some celebrities who have managed to do that. A great example of this is performer Jennifer Lopez. Another great example is actress Lucy Liu. The star is a polyglot, meaning she can speak several languages.

9/10 Lucy Liu Was The First Asian Woman To Host Saturday Night Live

Lucy Liu has done a lot of great things throughout her career, and one of those things was a hosting gig. In 2000, after the actress starred in Charlie’s Angels, she became the first Asian woman to host an episode of the popular television series Saturday Night Live. Furthermore, another Asian woman, Awkwafina, hosted an episode of it 18 years afterwards.

8/10 Lucy Liu Is A Talented Artist

Many people are very talented when it comes to art, and it turns out that actress Lucy Liu is one of them. Despite the fact that she is known for her acting, she has been known to create some paintings, as well as sculptures, and she uses a pseudonym. Some of the star’s art has been seen in Venice, California.

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7/10 Lucy Liu Appeared On A Couple Of Television Shows Before She Was Famous

One of the shows that made Lucy Liu famous while she was starring on it was Ally McBeal, but fans of the actress might be surprised to find out that that is not the only television show that she has appeared on. For example, before she was famous, the star appeared in an episode of the popular television series The X-files.

6/10 Lucy Liu Is Very Active

While Lucy Liu is famous for her acting skills, that does not mean that acting is the only thing she spends time doing. The star is also pretty active during her spare time. One of the activities that she seems to enjoy is rock climbing. The popular actress also loves to go horseback riding, as well as skiing and a form martial arts.

5/10 Lucy Liu Was Discovered During An Interesting Time

There are many stars out there who were discovered at some pretty interesting times in their lives, and it turns that actress Lucy Liu is one of them. When the star was just 19 years old, she was traveling on a subway, and this is when she was discovered. Furthermore, she ended up filming a commercial shortly after that took place.

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4/10 Lucy Liu Started Learning English At A Young Age

Lucy Liu knows multiple different languages, and it turns out that she started learning the second language when she was very young, which must mean that she has always been very intelligent. Lucy Liu was just 5 years old when she began learning to speak English. Furthermore, the popular star was born and raised in New York, which may have helped.

3/10 A Role Lucy Liu Played Was Created Specifically For Her

Many of the characters in television shows and films that fans love were actually specifically created for the actors and actresses who played them, and it turns out that that is the case for Lucy Liu.

The star played Ling Woo in Ally McBeal, which was a role that was created for her. The role earned the actress a Primetime Emmy nomination.

2/10 Lucy Liu Knows A Lot About Multiple Religions

The star is an actress, an artist, and she is fluent in numerous languages. It seems as though there is nothing that Lucy Liu cannot do. Furthermore, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to religion as well.

It turns out that, in addition to Chinese philosophy, the famous star has studied religions such as Buddhism, Kabbalah, and even Taoism.

1/10 Lucy Liu Used To Be A Waitress

Many of some of the most famous men and women used to work in the food service industry before they were well-known, and actress Lucy Liu is one of them. Before she started her acting career, she was a waitress at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase Club. She worked there part-time.

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