Love is Blind Season 2 SK and Raven

When the third season of Love Is Blind wrapped, fan favorites SK Alagbada and Raven Ross did not make it down the aisle. However, viewers were delighted to learn at the reunion, despite not saying their “I do’s,” the couple chose to continue their relationship off-screen since November 2021, and seemed happier than ever.

But as these things go, until the big reveal, the pair had to keep their relationship under wraps, which led to people assuming SK was single. At the reunion, Raven revealed how SK would show her the salacious DMs he would receive, to which Raven cheekily responded, “Stay out of my man’s DMs,” and reaffirmed the relationship.

Unfortunately, soon after, two women came forward in the since-deleted TikToks accusing SK of not behaving as a loyal boyfriend, err, fiancé (?) should, and they seemingly had the receipts to prove it.

SK Allegedly Hit Up His Exes Once Filming Ended

Filming was said to have concluded in July 2021. In the viral videos damning SK’s behavior, the women claimed he reached out to hang out soon after and had even invited one of them on a trip to Ibiza. Since SK and Raven had to keep their relationship on the low, SK took the opportunity to hit up old girlfriends and interests during this downtime, according to the videos. Once the show aired, the exes put together the pieces of the shady timeline and put the Love Is Blind star on blast.

Who Is SK’s Ex-Girlfriend Hannah Barrow?

Hannah Barrow aka @hannahbethstyle is an e-commerce manager and social media influencer living in Dallas, Texas (where the third season of Love Is Blind and the contestants are based).

According to the receipts on Barrow’s since-deleted TikTok, she revealed SK and the influencer dated in 2019 but broke up and remained good friends.

As stated in the clip, SK apparently reached out to Barrow to accompany him on a trip to Ibiza. Barrow obliged, but on the trip, she alleges she found a contact labeled “fiancée” on his phone.

When asked, SK allegedly replied that he had gone on Love Is Blind for money and that his fiancée was only for the show. At the time, Barrow chose to believe him but later insisted that she meet Raven if the relationship was fake to which, Barrow says, SK agreed.

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Things started to unravel when Barrow liked a few social media posts of SK’s so-called fiancée, which led to the Love Is Blind star allegedly messaging SK asking who Barrow was. According to her post, SK had invited Barrow to accompany him on trips as recently as September 2022.

Another TikToker Came Forward With Claims About SK

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, @emmwho9 dropped another bomb about SK’s bad boy behavior. She shared how the two met on Hinge in April and met up when filming concluded. (Like @hannahbethstyle, her videos have since been deleted but once anything hits the Internet, it lives on forever.) When the show aired and the poster realized her match was on Love Is Blind, she stated, she DM’d Raven to let her know of SK’s allegedly shady messaging, which she says she did not get a response on.

Did SK And Raven Break Up?

In the Love Is Blind confessional, Raven confessed she usually went for types she would typically see or meet at the gym but with this experiment, she wanted to find a different kind of connection.

In the pods, she was torn between Bartise, an accountant who is younger but physically more of her type, and SK, a Nigerian engineer whose emotional intelligence impressed the Pilates instructor and part-time bottle waitress.

In the end, she chose SK, whose cool, calm, and collected demeanor seemed to fulfill Raven’s emotional needs.

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While fans rooted for the pair to make it down the aisle, one of the catalysts for the breakup was that SK would be heading to northern California for two years shortly after filming to attend grad school at the University of California, Berkeley, while Raven was not comfortable uprooting her life and relocating.

Despite the distance, Raven shared at the reunion that the pair were making it work by understanding each other’s independence and goal-driven tendencies.

She said, “We’re both very, very busy, but we’re also very supportive of each other.”

The distance helped their relationship grow, the pair claimed, and they also took “a bunch of vacations” together to catch up on some quality time.

Where Are SK And Raven Now?

SK and Raven announced their breakup with a joint statement, noting “We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways. Due to the on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we can not provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time.”

While no details have emerged about any court proceedings yet, anything is possible.

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The pair concluded by saying, “Thank you for following our love story and believing in us. This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful for everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything.”

It was a plot twist no one saw coming. But on how this story ends, things remain unsolved.

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